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  1. The only way I have found out is by registering for the ROckstar Social club then on their website you can view your stats
  2. I have been using a Mini-30 with a few attachments, but I took the silencer off and ive been getting a few more kills. Just managed to get 104 kills in an entire game of Gang War, which is by far my best tally to date. Mind, I did kill the same guy about 40 times. Bullet time helps as well when you just need an extra second to adjust your aim and fire an extra bullet or two into the enemy. Im currently level 18 (I think, servers are playing up and I keep going back to level 1), and have a KD ratio of 3.65 with 1429 kills and 392 deaths. Been dropping recently though as more people have started getting better at the game.
  3. Just thought I would post to say that we are losing a few people, and so are looking for more people to join. We have a few vacancies (Reserve people will have priority, if we have any?) and have a race tonight at 9pm at Monte Carlo (UK Time)! If your interested, post here. We do races every Friday at 9pm UK Time, and races at 8pm UK Time on every OTHER Monday. We do not have a race this Monday as we did Spain last Monday. Visit our forum for more info http://x360awc.proboards.com/index.cgi Visit our table for current standings: http://www.newstargames.com/brad/x360a/f1-2011/
  4. Is there such a thing as 'fake' people?
  5. I had exactly the same thing happen! Still no sight of my other packs.
  6. I know where you mean, got some impressive air-time over that kerb.
  7. This is the reason we formed the x360a World Championship last year, and it was a great success, and we are doing it this year, although places are all gone im afraid!
  8. Did you skip the sessions once you had got fastest lap? If so, it void's the achievment for whatever reason.
  9. Exactly the same as me, I just finished Hungary and I have apparently crashed 411 times, so in 11 races that is an average of ~37 crashes per race?
  10. YESSSS!!!!!!!!! I actually got a racing wheel from my friend today as well (Had to carry it back on the trains). Starting to get the hang of the game now.
  11. It's just you & a friend, on the same team, vs 22 AI racers.
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