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  1. looking for 5 people to knock out the "In the Money" matches for the achievement if interested message me on xbl
  2. Yea same for the modders...got into a zombie game prestige unlocked and then "Elevate your senses!" unlocked before i even got a pack a punch weapon...wtf???
  3. if your prepared to spend the amount for a new controller also then I would say no...EA from what it looks has decided to run people off with there damn near impossable Trials where you just get raped left and right...
  4. are all achievements offline/online boostable??? i see its a 7/10 but i dunno if there about to be done by getting a few friends togather and doing them?
  5. Is there anyone that would be up for boosting the prestige ranks...got a few friends who know how to do it...just need people...
  6. Looking to boost the dlc when it finally comes out whos in?
  7. Yea its gay...I was lvl 100 and got reset and now i need atleast lvl 50 to get the rest of my horde achievements...
  8. is the black xbox 360 controller still up for grabs...
  9. still looking for people...to do Tough as nails online right now...
  10. Looking for a group to run the horde achievements with need to do last 2 on the flashback maps then the ones for snowblind and dark corners if can get help please message on xbl i am on right now playing Brink but will be done shortly if anyone is up to help tonight...
  11. looking for a group to run the campaign togather and to help me get the mine disarmed achievement..
  12. I have beaten everybody in the roster except the clowns and afro thunder i have done maybe 5 people by actually playing and beating them and the rest by a 2nd controller to go by faster and simply doing a hurricarana and pinning them...yet no achievement poped...does anyone know why?
  13. Looking for a team that will actually work as a team to get to lvl 100 so if anyone interested please message me on xbl...
  14. at lvl 74 right now looking for a decent team who wants this achievement...
  15. looking to accomplish skeletons in your closet, Never eat red snow, be careful what you wish for, ride it all night long, no but his face rings a bell, lost in transition, like father, like gun, and am i only dreaming...while boosting for the ranks anyone up for helping me get these achievements knocked out???
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