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  • Birthday 01/28/1980

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    neil sonic

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    Been playing games since I was a kid. Big Sonic fan from his first appearances, always happy to chat
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    Cambridge, UK
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    Gaming, Gardening and Anime
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  1. Can't say I enjoy the new look much. Prefer to switch back to the old skin but it doesn't seem to stick... how annoying. Meh, is the best I can say about the new look. Sorry, I know I'm in the minority
  2. When you analyze the boat photo, where exactly is O6 because I can't see it at all (I have a small TV)? Help
  3. I'm hoping this will get released in the UK too as I loved TJ&E on the Mega Drive! (Sega Genesis)
  4. Cool, haven't got to that point yet but will check it out when I do! Thanks
  5. How come you can't submit a user rating for Ecco? It's the only game in my collection that I'm unable to rate the game. It's slightly annoying that everytime I look down my user profile it sticks out like a sour thumb as not being rated Oh and if I've posted this in the wrong forum / thread etc I apologise... although I did search before hand just in case
  6. GT: neil sonic Currently trying to complete Alan Wake DLC, then on to finishing Sonic Adventure; Assassin's Creed II DLC.... etc
  7. M25YL

    Im so happy

    I'm at the same point and have been playing for forever, very frustrating to be 2 achievements shrort!
  8. And I thought getting the 'Immortal' achievement was going to be hard!
  9. Cool! Thanks, been trying to get this one but still struggling!
  10. Fixed the problem, just downloaded it again. If anyone else has the same problem I'd recommend complete both episodes and re-download the packs again.
  11. Has anyone else had a problem trying to unlock episodes 3 and 4? I purchased the extra downloadable content (the fool that I am!) and was looking forward to playing the extra episodes but no matter how many times I complete episode 2 they still won't unlock! Any suggestions / tips / ideas? Anyone else had this problem or have I missed something painfully obvious that I'm not doing? Cheers
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