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  1. in fact, each non-used hero soul gives you 10% more DPS, so when you spend hero soul to buy an ancient, you lose the corresponding bonus. The ingame explanation is not very clear, hope i was à bit more
  2. just finished the game, i was level 42, not enough for a second tree but anyway, way over the 36 supposed level cap i had 1 skill point every level don't have the courage for a second run have a nice day
  3. in episode 3 i have 'Troll Funeral Rites', 'Headless Horseman', 'Glamour Tree' and 'Glamour Tube' wich are the 4 missable entries but i'm still lacking one which means there's à fifth one missable in the chapter d. ok, so guide's wrong. there is a 5 missable entry. It is called the 'flycatcher' and it's unlocked during Chapter 4 by having chosen to go to Tweedle Dee at the end of Chapter 3. You must meet and talk with flycatcher and don't offering a job, answer 'not my problem' and you will have the missing entry d again.
  4. ok i did it offline so i'm replying to myself (kind of a clue for some mental issue i think, but anyway ...) i did it right offline (optional objective check) but no achievement. I went online again and no synchronisation but the achievement poped. I'm not sure but it seems like there's is no online save or perhaps i should have erased my local save (but the risk was too high) d.
  5. ok guys i just had an idea and i was wondering if someone already tested this. so i missed this achievement on my first run, not really knowing why, i got out of the temple without being caught by the Wheel but nothing poped. I'm currently just before doing it again (my last achievement in the game) and here's the idea i had. is it working to play it offline so if i miss i would go back online and synchronise my gamesave with the online one to try it again ... and again, till it popes ? If someone already tested it that way it would be nice to give me a feedback, TIA d.
  6. sorry, i often check the site but rarely connect with my account so i never saw your question. Unfortunately i did this long ago and don't really remember. Since none of the bosses causes me trouble i suppose you're juste doing Something wrong. Keep in mind cedric can only be wounded by your special Attack.

    Really sorry i can't help (in fact i suppose you already solve your problem but anyway i wanted to apologize for the delay of m y answer)


    wish you the best



  7. i bought all weapons for the 4 characters and Nothing happened there's not even a progression line on the achievement d.
  8. it works like a charm (on US server) thanx for the tip, it will be very usefull
  9. i entered all your codes here's mine 1b299 thanx for the post d.
  10. depends on what you are looking for. pretty sure my opinion will not be shared by everyone but to me neverwinter has more to do with a beat them all hidden behind a RPG_shaped game (basically you just unlock new attacks/defense, nothing more) and ESO is a real RPG (lockpicking, persuasion skill, different lines when you speak to quest givers ...). Oh, you also must know that neverwinter servers are awfull but neverwinter is free, so my advise is to first start the free one, level your character to 60 (not very long, easy achievements), you will discover what the game will really be at this point and see if it can fits you. good luck d.
  11. the quest giver is in neverdeath, left side of the one who gives you the quest for chartraxis. I think his name is chettlebell or something like that. The quest is the clock tower one. my second character didn't receive the bag either sad it also happened to you d.
  12. if the rest bonus is too high you need to play several missions to have it all d.
  13. cypher is a cool idea, but it's true you could also just raise his sword and give it to hunk (already level 75). When he reached level 8 i gave him magnum ex and you have basically hunk with a sword (usefull sword) anyway, i will probably raise all characters (or most of them) so cypher's or someone else is pretty much the same to me d. (i'd like to raise moira's hability to plant grenades like mines, but with moira glitching the game ...)
  14. ok, froze again and i was playing moira d. (on my way to my 4th install of the game)
  15. i play the six first character (cycling) no freezing today. What i did is to quit commando mode each time i wanted to change character and then i logged again .This way seems to work. Loading time is not too bad, so ... if it's the only way to play right now ... d.
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