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  1. Why the heck didn't I think of that!? I'm doing that now lol.
  2. Tbh I don't know what good it would do to explain it to an english speaking MS customer service agent. I'm just worried that one day I'll turn my beloved xbox on and be slapped with a ban or reset ...OR BOTH. But if it ever comes to that I will contest it until the day I die. I earned all my achievements fairly!
  3. Nah, I changed back to my original gamertag (careful n0w). But since then I've changed it again
  4. I tried that but unfortunately the person I got through to didn't speak english as their first language so their was just no explaining my situation. :$
  5. I agree with the X's and I's and itz and snipers! ARGHHHH does no1 have any originality? An online profile is something that people WILL associate you with. I feel that putting something like XxsniperxX or some other variant makes you look like an unimaginitive douche. (pardon my rant). My gamertag used to genuinely be: myLITTLEbellend. I wanted something people would A) remember and B) Get a cheap laugh out of Now my GT is still (imo) quite original but not as memorable.
  6. I have two games on my achievement list (Forza3/F3AR) that look like I have used game saves. This has happened because my account got hacked and I was told that if I play games offline and then recovered my account when xbox sorted out the issue that the achievements will sync. This turned out to be a complete LIE and I lost about 1500gs. Recently however I popped in Fear 3 and played a campaign mission and ALL of the campaign missions I did popped. Lucky me eh? NO, they're in the wrong order. It looks like I gamesaved the campaign. Forza 3 is similar but thankfully not to as great an extent. When I went back to playing that I completed season 6 in like one race and only that season achievement popped. The rest I had to do again. So it looks like I gamesaved ONE season lol (as pretty much all of the other seasons have different dates on them). My question is, will MS ban me for this? I ask this because I have read of cheaters using gamesaves being banned and I'm a little worried that someone will take a look at my fear 3 or forza 3 chieve's and just hit ban or report or something . On the other hand, who would actually believe someone would be stupid enough to gamesave like 400g?
  7. Hi, Can someone please gift me the car in the thread title please? my GT is "intrigued n0w". Much appreciated!
  8. This has to be one of the worst next-gen games I have ever played! The game was all round horrible I traded it in a day after buying. anyone else find this one unplayable? I still remmember constantly trying to get the leaderboards to update my stats (to no prevail )
  9. Finally I come across someone who compares it to doom 3, I thought I was the only 1 who noticed the awsomeness between those two games
  10. It will be because you are used to it, it's not a massively different game in terms of scares and jumps.
  11. Not a fain of the map packs tbh
  12. Ok thanks. I am not looking forward to going through the campaign again just for intel though lol. I was almost finished at one point
  13. Anything really, I would still play great games like goldeneye and doom today so I don't see why I wouldn't be playing black ops or bfbc2 ten or twenty years from now :/
  14. I knew that was coming :/ , would doing so erase my multiplayer? i perhaps I could delete my saved data but would this erase my achievments? thanks in advance bud
  15. Anything involving intel or logs or anything requiring constant grinding (seriously 2.0 anyone?)
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