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    Where can you get these codes?
  2. I can't figure out the why in it. It wouldn't let me into my Ultimate Team at all on the 360.
  3. So I transferred everything to my one. Can I still play UT somehow or anything on the 360? Because it wouldn't let me in Ultimate Team after the switch was made. I thought it was shared not transferred. Is there a solution to go back some time to the 360 to play with my buddies?
  4. Now I got it once more in seasons while trying to make subs.
  5. Did anyone get a complete freeze? I got it the first time I entered Ultimate Team mode then after the complete console restart I got it again while creating a corner kick.
  6. Hello, due to some glitch my save got corrupted in the previous game and I thought that I never play this game again, but I still bought the new one. Now I don't mind rebuilding my character and all, but I have lost all my dragon forged weapons/armor I acquired from the Ur-Dragon. I was wondering if someone has a spare from any equipment. Now I'm not the kind of guy, who did nothing and begs for something, just wondering as a last desperation if someone could help. You can see from my GS on the game I'm not the kind of person who just started and read up stuff and wants it. Thanks in advance.
  7. That's the whole thing. I can't link any accounts because there is no tab in the game so I can't even try to sign in with my WBiD account
  8. Is there a fix to this. I have EU version, Blackest Knight DLC and New 52 DLC (don't know if it matters). Tired deleting the game then reinstalling, rebooting the console and still nothing.
  9. Same here. I think when you miss shots, allow turnovers and so it takes away, because it is an unrewarding sob. I hit 3's like Reggie never did and from one mistake I get taken down from B to C.
  10. Due to the cloud saving of MyCareer mode and 2K servers being 2K my well worked MyPlayer just got offline. Brilliant...
  11. I have to restart mine after working on it for 18-20 hours plus playing 10 minute quarter matches in Association for VC and now because of 2K's stupid "ONLINE SERVER SAVING" my MyCareer save went offline. 17000 VC earned with hard work and spent now for nothing and I bought 10000 to amp up my dunking game. Now I feel like I don't even wanna play this anymore.
  12. Does this still work after the Exploration pack?
  13. Can someone tell me how do you beat that cheap sob boss in the 3rd phase the second time you fight him in the piece junk of a game? I'm about to break the controller.
  14. Nice guide thanks. Helped a lot. How do you open the last challenge? It's the last achievement set I need. I got gold on all other challenges, got the achievement for the collectibles and yet the last challenge is still locked.
  15. I left two of these there and I can't find a way to backtrack to where they are. I tried various entrance methods from sewers and different areas. It's just seems impossible. The door leading directly to it won't open or can't be opened. There is an entrance at the end of the mentioned area where I can't get to the West Rail line, but no entrance from the West Rail line to the mentioned part of the cellblocks. Can someone help me out here?
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