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  1. Expired thread, it's not relevant anymore so it can be deleted, thanks!
  2. Expired thread, it's not relevant anymore so it can be deleted, thanks!
  3. Expired thread, it's not relevant anymore so it can be deleted, thanks!
  4. Expired thread, since the topic is not relevant anymore. Can be deleted, thanks!
  5. Expired thread, it's not relevant anymore so it can be deleted, thanks!
  6. The opponent has to stalemate you in classic mode (not head to head).
  7. Yes I agree the difficulty of these campaigns are much harder than for example the puzzles they added. I would also like so help. I am not that expert in chess to complete these extremely hard tasks.
  8. LoL the last standard puzzle was so ridiculously easy compared to Two Bishops and Bishop + Knight... But the problem is that I think the campaign is much harder than any of these puzzles. ;D
  9. Today, 1:15 later from now (@ 21:00 GMT+1), there is going to be a party to do all 5 ranked achievements. We are 2 players short! If someone wants to jump in, msg me on LIVE! GT: Xencsi If you can't make it today, but some other time could be good for you, msg me anyway!
  10. I would like to do some multiplayer achievements on the PC version! If you're up for it, add my GT on LIVE: Xencsi
  11. Any PC players here? Skilled ones from EU? Need partners! GT: Xencsi Here's my PC thread btw. :BB
  12. Didn't want to dupe, but I didn't see any PC requests there, only X360. That's why I created this.
  13. Hey I am looking for skilled players on PC who know what's what in Bulletstorm. Thing is that my friends didn't get this game, so I'm left alone with it. Ah and this is not about achievement farming, but about to have some good and enjoyable Anarchy rounds with teamwork. Achievements will get unlocked by themselves eventually, if we are good enough. Need partners. Skilled ones. European players with PC FPS experience. You gotta know how to move fast, how to aim precise, you have to understand the skillshots, etc. So, if anyone's up for it, add me on Live, or post a reply with your GT. My GT is: Xencsi Greetings.
  14. Hi I have collected all 57 journals. Twice. Once during my first playthrough (finished the campaign on hard then went back in some episodes for the missing journals). Then I did a fresh start and played the game on casual again just for the journals. Nope, still not getting it unlocked. This game is really a mess, based on its glitchy achievements. Obviously Demolition Derby and Fireworks are not unlockable in this GFWL PC version (except for 1 guy who has it somehow); and Grease Monkey is said to be glitched as well. These facts are already annoying... but after collecting all the journals twice, and still not getting Bookworm, well this really blows. Anyone with some idea or suggestion? If there is no solution I think I'm just going to let this one slide. PS: If you play the PC GFWL version, and the 3 achievements mentioned above don't get unlocked for the first time (after you did everything correctly for them), do not waste anymore time on this. It is better to just move on, let it go, because the second try would consume much more of your worthy time, and it couldn't even compensate it with enough achievement points, even if you would get them unlocked (but you would not, because I think there is a serious "achievement desync" bug somewhere in the game, or in the communication method between the save file and the live profile). So do yourself a favor.
  15. Hello My searching has expired. Greetings.
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