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  1. I did mine with Audi. No particular love for Audi, but I ended up having an A class Audi that I used for ages so I just stuck with them since it ended up being my highest level affinity.
  2. I think it's level 50 where the bonus cars stop but after that you get money. I'm level 101 and I've been getting credits when I level up.
  3. I can't even click on the news area, there's just no option to. ???
  4. Grabbed Bastion. Can't resist for that price. Already played most of the rest. Awesome prices tho.
  5. I uploaded a vinyl design to my storefront today. It's not much to look at but I'm not claiming to be a designer, lol. If someone could snag it so I could get the achievement I'd hugely appreciate it.
  6. Nope. I've been in a funk with gaming at times, but it's been one of my main hobbies for far too long. I don't have the time to play all the games I want so there's no way I'd quit.
  7. Exactly this. Gaming is a huge thing for me but I wouldn't risk my life for it. Growing up having a firefighter for a father taught me hard lessons.
  8. Minecraft! Before I sound like the only person in the universe who doesn't own this already, I need another copy for my son's new Xbox. I'll buy it anyway if it doesn't go on sale but it'd be nice to get a discount lol.
  9. Finally finished off Lego Harry Potter yrs 1-4 last night. Seemed to take forever....
  10. I'm using the Dragon Age II premium right now.
  11. mrj3d

    My little girl

    Another vote for any of the Lego games, my kids love them (boys 5 and 7). They also love World of Keflings and Skylanders.
  12. Nobody really. I read here, and watch varying videos from YouTube, but I don't usually put a lot of stock into reviews.
  13. Excellent job with the guide, it's been a great help to me so far.
  14. It's a little buggy with the iPhone 5, I've had to delete and reinstall it a couple times.
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