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  1. anyone still need too beat the game on insane and 4 player co op?
  2. the last boss in DLC cant remember his name off top me head
  3. wen I click the link it gos to store but doesent bring up the game
  4. done that when I click on link and go to store it doesent come up with game
  5. how do you download this game cant find it?
  6. how did you find it I set it to Canada but cant find it
  7. are game rooms servers down? my medals wont update to the 4 wp7 game room games
  8. how hard is this to 100%? as it in sale at mo
  9. I think you can get the smart glass app for android you could use a android emulator that's what a lot of ppl do to get the achievements on wordament for android
  10. can anyone give me a hand with the weapon kills whose high level to drop weapons ive got 4 copys of game so if there only one who wont's to help we can still start game up as you only need 4 to start I don't mind helping with a game you need in return
  11. thanks for guide I now know not to start this game lol don't like uno anuf to play it for 100 hours lol
  12. im playing the pc verson not the 360 verson you cant remove update on pc verson
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