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  1. A single victory took up a couple hours of my afternoon. Unless there's a massive amount of unlocks - that don't happen until you repeatedly fail - the 100 victories achievement is going to take someone dedicated to playing the game for a looong (hundreds of hours?) time. Even for one win on my 3rd or 4th try, it took fully knowing the abilities / bonuses of characters and if equipment stats were actually useful for a boss ahead. One wrong action can bomb your entire run.
  2. Seems the story achievement didn't pop for clearing the mist. It's still locked on my list and I'm inside the volcano. I made a backup as well, to get random achievements but I think I'll have to play again. I only noticed it as the secret area (Good Eye) in Misty Woods was also bugged for me. I actually got the health upgrade while in the mist section of the forest. When I came back later (as the guide mentions) nothing. I wonder if getting to the spot early is what bugged them both.
  3. I definitely wouldn't want to play the MP unless I have to. Which I do. For these achievements. I'd be up for it. Any info on the MP yet? Private / group size / anything like that? GT: Atelier Xiados Eastern U.S. timezone. I'll be off and available anytime after noon on the 5th. Though have to see when the game shows up in the mail.
  4. GT: Atelier Xiados Looking for: Man Up! Soldier Master & Commander Glory Hunter Free anytime today-Thursday, 6pm-12am Eastern.
  5. Looking for: 1st Lord fight thing Message me on live (GT- Atelier Xiados) Anytime today (Sat 3/26) between 4pm-12am Eastern time. Really trying to get this today, as I want to trade this in Monday.
  6. Just looking for someone lvl 50 that wouldn't mind running some missions to help get me from 38 -> 50. Getting tired of the grind of it and don't care for using a glitch. I'll just be grinding again to get the armor set / tier 3 charm / anything else I'm forgetting, anyway.
  7. The DLC was free without even buying the game. I didn't buy it until after downloading them. The menus would have taken forever to load once the large file started to download.
  8. Another game that no one seems to play online. :\ Up for boosting the MP Achievements. I'm around today and tomorrow and early Friday, pretty much anytime. Message me on live if interested. Otherwise Sunday night and Monday, I'll be back around. GT: Atelier Xiados Edit: All good. Thanks.
  9. Do I add my name to the list? >___> 1. King griz (gmt) 2. bluphraust (est) 3. Additivespade (pst) 4. Sataniccrack (est) 5. N9nthch1ld (est) 6. Drkltus (est) 7. Mindslave360 (est) 8. Soul dobi (gmt) 9. Muad dib 1119 (gmt) 10. Fatty taft (est) 11.willie2407(gmt) 12. Kevin durden (pst) 13. Phil pants () 14. Lowmen1990 (gmt) 15. Wjehu (gmt) 16. Jankes begbie (gmt) 17. Wishmaster44 (gmt) 18. Hustlerpl (gmt) 19. Jaqs0n (gmt) 20. Boowypl (gmt) 21. Sierrapl (gmt) 23. Dutch hoss (gmt-8) 24. Informatics (gmt 25. Atelier Xiados (est)
  10. I am honestly getting really tired of this game, after... 2-3 days? I think it's the "random" dice rolls. Sure they're technically random, but you can't help but feel there's something putting the odds against you every time you play. I was playing with a friend and my 18 group took out his 56 group. That's honestly just sad to me. Maybe i need a game with stats and not dice. Anyway, up for any of the online ones. I don't feel like doing them legit, and would rather just farm them already.
  11. I was actually wondering about this type of thing, after seeing all these different things on the achievement list. Does the game explain different power-up functions/modes?
  12. Looking for the online ones. GT: Atelier Xiados Let me know if you're still looking Orion Ben!
  13. A) Going through on easy gets you mutation genes. Letting you upgrade. Then you could work up to Hero and then Superhero! I think it also lists this game as 5-10 hours for this reason. B) Get the collectible stuff on easy. C) Some things are easier than others. I started playing this and Nightcrawler is so- damn- easy to play as. You teleport around so much you can almost guarantee you don't get hit. If you need to, practice the character to get used to what they do. I don't think I'm the best at games, far from it. But I consistently put as much effort as possible into playing. I've lost a few missions so far, but haven't given up and will see this game through to the end. So while yes, the difficulty does effect achievements, but come on... If you had been that concerned over how hard getting them are, look at the achievement list and check to make sure of it. Difficulty doesn't always determine how difficult the achievements will actually be for some people.
  14. Arena! Will help in return with any! GT: Atelier Xiados Thanks to x Kasp3r x and evilspawn48 for Glork. Dunno if you two still need arena.
  15. Oh man, oh man. WHINE WHINE. It's a good game. ::goes back to looking for his question::
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