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  1. Doodle God: Crime City (https://www.xboxachievements.com/game/doodle-god-crime-city/overview/) has been renamed in the Microsoft store to Doodle Mafia: Crime City. You can click the store link on the game page here to verify this. Not sure exactly when that change was made.
  2. The secret achievements for Toro don't stay checked. The gamerscore and number of achievements update correctly and the counts stay accurate after a refresh, but the box un-checks. Edit: Already tried deleting the achievement progress using the red X and re-checking all my completed achievements, same problem still occurs.
  3. It's a fun idea but there isn't really anything an alliance can help with in terms of achievements. I mean they can donate troops to your watch tower, but they deploy so slowly, one cavalry set isn't going to be the difference in whether or not you pick up your Castellan achievement. And beyond that, the things alliances help with aren't even tangentially related to your achievements.
  4. Hey all, Servers are closing on May 13, 2019. Better start grinding out that wood and those crowns if you want to wrap up your perfect 1000gs!
  5. You can also travel between adventure fields using the warp pads in the Chao Gardens. Depending on where you are in any given level, this may be a quicker way to travel.
  6. Not if you change the system clock. Keep up.
  7. I’m a bit concerned about some advice in the roadmap. The roadmap indicates that if you buy a month of premium, it only records the end date, so you can change your system time and essentially get more than the month you paid for. Now I’m not one of these sanctimonious twats who gets their panties in a twist because “OMG STEALING!!!” My concern is the possibility of Microsoft noticing someone doing this and banning their account for marketplace theft. I know that IS something they ban for. I don’t know if it has happened in this game for anyone but I do have a lot of concerns that it could, and someone would end up losing everything they’ve been working on for years just to save a few bucks. I mean if you can’t get it done in a month and also can’t afford to pay for more than one month, just grind it out legit. It’s not worth losing your account over.
  8. I don’t think it’s silly at all. DLC like this is so short, it’s not even worth the money. Achievements are basically the only thing that make it worth doing.
  9. I'm sure you have it or have given up by now, but if anyone comes here looking for an answer, only games completed from start to finish with at least one word played count for the achievement, while any game you've been a part of count for the stats. So if you're even 1 second late for the start of the game, it doesn't count for the achievement. I just unlocked it today and I'm sitting at 218 games in my stats. I would guess this is so that people can't just leave their phones running overnight. If you're serious about completing this game, you'll definitely play your 100 complete games on the way to 2.5 million points.
  10. Sudoku is pretty easy once you learn a few tricks, so I went with a 2. If you've never done Sudoku puzzles before, then you'd probably find it to be a lot harder, but there are always solver sites out there.
  11. I know this is 2 years later, but if anyone is coming here and wondering this... no. That's not accurate. Log in, change your system time to whatever (past) month you want, and boom. New challenges. You can't access challenges from future months, but any previous months are up for grabs.
  12. You could run around and make sure you’ve picked up every recipe and costume item. Basic clean-up, essentially. I’m really interested to hear what happens when you buy Mr. Kim’s contract out, as I certainly don’t have the time or patience to find out.
  13. Still show up for me, but nothing I do will pop the action movie achievement, so something may very well have happened to them. No idea what though
  14. Meh, this game is how old now? To an extent, you're disturbing the dead no matter what you do in here. Anyway, glad to read that. I left Nightwing for last just coincidentally, so I'm glad I can finish on a high(er) note and not be saying "good riddance" when I'm done with it, like I would have if I had finished with Catwoman.
  15. I normally shy away from making posts that serve no purpose other than being a dick, but wow, that's got to be THE most retarded policy I've ever heard of.
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