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  1. BF-Hardline feels way different then that sorry excuse called Battlefield 4.
  2. I wouldn't mind knocking out a few cheevos for this game.Send me a FR, I'm on right now. GT-Hanzo Zer0
  3. I'm willing to boost in WatchDogs.

  4. Watchdogs Boosting?

  5. I will be getting this tonight.If you want to boost, hit me up GT-Hanzo Zer0
  6. I'm on right now, EST and will be on alot for the next 2 days.Send me an invite-GT-Hanzo Zer0
  7. Ready when you are. GT-Hanzo Zer0
  8. Because i didn't put a stupid lol or some emoticon at the end of the question makes it a serious question? DPYS...Like i said, it was rhetorical... If you believe it or not isn't really my concern.
  9. No they don't.The game is free to play on PC, so why wouldn't it be on the 360? Like i said, it was rhetorrical question.
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