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  1. I don't think the rank is "-1", I think it's just a dash between "Rank" and "1". So I think everyone has "Rank 1", not negative.
  2. Yeah sorry if I'm ranting here but I do understand your point about there being 175 seals in a chest, it just doesn't make sense. But yeah, I am most definitely going to contact the creators because this cost me $25 and it doesn't even hold all the correct detail.
  3. Well the book says that there is 175 guild seals in there but I can't figure out why it's not giving them to me (or you for that matter). The book cost me $20 and has been PERFECT up until this point...
  4. I saw someone say they had trouble with the Sunset House due to glitches and some issues but I have found another glitch which pissed me off and makes want to hurt whoever made this game. Upon beating Chesty, going through the mirror, and opening the locked door at the end of the hallway, there is supposed to be a random legendary weapon. In order to get this weapon you have to shoot a green orb in the next room. Well the door opened up and I got the weapon. When you step through the mirror again (thus you are back where you originally started) you can shoot the other green orb. This now opens another set of doors with a chest inside. Inside the chest there is supposed to be 175 guild seals and a potion of some sort. This info I recieved from the guide book that you can buy in the stores. When I open the chest it tells me to press "A" to accept these gifts. Naturally I do and then nothing. I don't recieve any of these gifts and now I am going on a rant on this forum. Anyone else have this problem? Or was it a one time thing?
  5. Yeah I sorta had this trouble. My dog was barking at nothing and pointing at absolutely nothing until I wandered around and started looking under a statue which is the one I believe you are refering to. My dog simply barked in the wrong place but the flower was still there, just some ways away.
  6. As most of you know, there are 7 Rare Gems that appear in Fable 3, yet only 4 appear in one world. So this thread is for all those people who want to finish the game with 100% and aquire all items in the game. Just post what gems you have and what ones you are looking for. NOTE: These gems are NOT regular gems that you can buy or dig up. These gems will specifically say that they are rare gems, so don't be fooled! Have: Diamond Jet Emerald Pearl Want: Ruby Whatever the other 2 are:p
  7. Like everyone else I need both achievements and I will be on Mon-Fri 3PM-5PM EST. Hit me up if you can work with those times.
  8. You can't yet. It hasn't officially started. Microsoft will send you an email when they have the program up and running, because right now all they are doing is getting participants, not starting it.
  9. Hey Pwnage, I would actually take down the Black Ops Zombie Hat because it is now available on the marketplace for people to buy. Just a heads up!
  10. Yes it shows everything but I also am in the Xbox Live Preview Program which is WAY better. It shows all this info and I can't remember if the old dashboard shows it too. Sorry I should have mentioned that.
  11. Even better go into your xbox 360, go to console settings and look for your information. This section tells you everything you have entered into your xbox including email, house address, and credit card information.
  12. Totally agree with you on how bad the graphics are. BUT this is to be expected since it isn't Infinity Ward making the game anymore. IW had years and years of experience with the gameplay and the graphics. While Treyarch is just trying to get this game to be as good as possible in a short amount of time. I'm extremely disappointed in the graphics of the game but I am hoping that the new gameplay features make up for it.
  13. Would anyone be willing to snag me a code? I live in the USA and I don't think I can get it. Thanks!
  14. No these are not generic multiuse codes. They can be found at only participating 7-11's and there 4 different ways these codes can look. I would provide a link but I forgot what site I saw the pictures on. The codes will be by the chips, the counter, under the counter, or on bottles of Mountain Dew. No purchase is necessary to get these codes but good luck getting them because ass holes like the guy on eBay took all the codes.
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