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  1. Looking for 2 more people for my session that's on Tuesday the 11 at 12pm eastern. Sign up for it on TA or msg me on xbox if interested. GT:JeDiMLnDTrLcks GFWL version of the game
  2. I have this game on pc. My GT is JeDiMLnDTrLcks. I'm also on TA. SteamRoller I send you messages on xbox and TA, but you never msg me back. I have a friend so we really only need 1 more person for these 2 achievements.
  3. I would like the Reaper stuff as well. My GT is JeDiMLnDTrLcks. Thx.
  4. Oh really? Someone deleted my post which ridicules EnigmaticRavyn eh? Well looks like someone hates seeing douches get owned. That's k, I'll post it again, I love putting people like him back in their holes.
  5. So if I understand this correctly, Halo Spartan Assault will be free on Xbox One and if you get the Xbox One version you also get the Xbox 360 version for free? Seems kinda OP.
  6. If you download your account on your friends xbox 360 to access the GWG hub, then yes I think once you recover your account on your own xbox 360 you can download the games for free since they are tied to your microsoft account, not the console. Now if your friend would recover his gamertag on your xbox 360, download the free games, and then you would use your account to play those free games, I think that that is in violation of their policies and would get you banned (not sure though).
  7. I can confirm that you can buy xbox one games on xbox.ca/com site. And, unlike xbox 360 games, where you need to have a credit card on account to purchase xbox 360 games online, for xbox one you can use microsoft points to buy xbox one games on the site. This means that we will probably be able to put those free xbox one games on account (it always asks to choose a payment option, so for xbox 360 you need a credit card to get the GWG on the site, but with xbox one you can use microsoft points as payment option ), and when we will buy a xbox one console, we will be able to download them and play them free of charge, provided we will never run out of gold. Although, if you have gold, get the free games, then run out of gold (lose access to them), and then you have gold again, I think those free games that you had before will still be free for you (but I'm not sure about this). So winning for the likes of me who will buy a One in 2-3 years:dance:.
  8. He is a troll. The only thing that will shut down for the xbox 360 are EA servers, because EA. The 360 will be alive even in 2018, maybe even later. Destiny, a new Assassin's Creed, Battlefield, Call of Duty, etc are coming to the 360 this year and the next 2-3 years and he thinks Microsoft will just pull the plug on the 360 over night, LOL!!!!!!
  9. Facepalm.......do you not get it that I PAY FOR GOLD and GwG IS BECAUSE WE PAY FOR GOLD????????Are you all that fucking selfish????????????
  10. The xbox 360 is far from dead. A huge install base proves that. And it will not be forgotten, servers will stay active for a long, long time. And from the 50 friends I have on my list, 2 or 3 play xboxone regularly LOL. Why the fuck would I buy it now? Not to mention the 150 games backlog that I have on the 360, and a new xboxone with a 1tb and improved components will most likely come out later so yeah no thx to new-gen. If I want candy eye, my sli gtx 780 ti will provide that and mop the floor with the xboxone.
  11. Excuse me? We get free games because we pay for gold, not because we have a console. I could be a gold member and not have a xbox360, I'd still be entitled to put the free games on my account. Your argument is invalid and stupid. And yeah fuck Microsoft, I want to have free stuff on my download history without having a credit card on my account, by using my account credit aka microsoft points.
  12. Hey when GwG will start for the XboxOne, you think we will be able to start the download process on xbox.ca site and have it register on our download history (account) ? Because I will not buy an XboxOne for another 3 years so for me, that will be the only way to get my free games. I know that before we were able to buy stuff on the site with ease, but now for some reason it wants a credit card attached to my account even though I only pay with microsoft points . Fucking Microsoft:boom:boom
  13. I'm looking for someone to do the campaign as dom on insane. I already completed the first chapter. Also collecting the cog tags i have the first half of them. GT:JeDiMlnDTrlcks
  14. Want to do co-op legendary and the rest of the misc achievements that require heroic or legendary GT:ContentedLeaf1
  15. You can add me to the list as well. I am on Eastern Time. GT: ContentedLeaf1
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