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  1. It turns out I was correct. The map doesn't show this one as being there when you look at the War Map, and since I didn't need to collect the battle walker legs (I chose them in the story) I had never been searching in that area. I went back and sure enough, it was the last one I was missing. No guides specifically mentioned this one in the guides I was following to collect them, so I presume the person who made the guide I followed also chose the Battle Walker.
  2. I have retrieved two from every map that appears to have two. In fact, as I follow the vid guides, and the maps denotations of how many are where it all matches. Although now because I started a game of I am Death Incarnate, it appears I cannot access my other save, even though I saved in a separate slot. So I guess I am back to square one on collectibles and such anyway. Not that I can go back to confirm it, but it may have been the one by the Battle Walker legs. I chose to start with the Battle Walker when I got to pick an upgrade, so I never had to go after it.
  3. I have the one you mentioned. Even the video guide I followed can only account for 20.
  4. I'm having difficulty with my weapons upgrades. I have 20. The game says there are 21 (seven weapons, three upgrades each). I have checked all the districts and the maps say I have all the upgrades. But I can only account for 20, so where is the last one? Is there an unlisted one somewhere? Riverside?
  5. This is exactly what happened. I killed 15 and 16 became available in the Enigma Machine and Riverside appeared on the War Map.
  6. I am having an issue. My game says there are 16 Deathcards, but my Extras screen only shows 15 Commanders, and thus 15 Deathcards. I can only count 15, and I don't see any in my Enigma Machine, or on my War Map that still need to be killed, save for #15. I've revisited every district and unlocked the subsequent achievement. So I am very puzzled. Even this list I googled only shows 15. http://www.neoseeker.com/wolfenstein-ii-the-new-colossus/w2tnc/ref/collections/deathcards
  7. I spent 12 hours trying and failing to clear it. Twice I made it to Marguerite.
  8. This guy's guides helped me get through Jack's Birthday. He does both S and SS ranks, though only S is required for the achievements. I will also say that using his guide for SS of Main House 2 will help with 'Don't Keep the Man Waiting'. I didn't actually go for the SS, but when Jack was about done I stashed some foods in the item box and just ran around killing enemies until there was about 6 or 7 minutes remaining on the clock. Wound up accumulating 15+ minutes of bonus time. [ame] [/ame]
  9. RE: Second Mia fight. So, what happens when she just ignores bullets to the face, charges, bypasses block, and chainsaws you to death? You break your controller and say f*** this game. That's what.
  10. Just for the record, there's a repair kit under the porch right when you exit the dog door.
  11. Does anybody know if The Sound of Silence is nulled any time the gun is dropped, even if it is immediately picked back up? I ask because I just replayed the story to clean up collectibles, and decided to go for this achievement along the way. I got to the end of Act 5, Chapter 2 with the gun in hand and the achievement never popped. I only dropped the gun one time when I was trying to swap a gun with my Gnasher, but I immediately picked it back up. EDIT: I figured it out. During one chapter I restarted to back track a collectible. Apparently restarting a chapter will null the achievement.
  12. Hey I've been playing the Handsome Collection on the Xbox One. I could use some help with power leveling. You're probably busy, but if you could spare some time and help out (and/or answer some quick questions on how to obtain better weapons), it would be much appreciated! Thanks.


    GT: Sakamano 3000

  13. Just out of curiosity, does anybody know if infinite ammo disables achievements? I kinda just wanna cruise through professional.
  14. Word. That made clearing out the riverboat mission in Blood Money so much easier.
  15. Anyone know if human shield is still a mechanic in this one?
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