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  1. In real F1 the winner would then be declared by total laps lead over the season, and if by some miricale they were the same I believe it would go to the qualifying results of the season, no idea what the regulations say if they are the same and that can't decide one winner. No idea what the game would do though.
  2. You have agreed with most of the points that I have made, but I would like to say that you are both wrong and right about the engine braking. Any engine when still connected with the wheels via the clutch and gearbox will slow the car, but in F1 they do not use it in this way, simply because with a F1 engine it simply wouldn't add any worthwhile braking effect. F1 engines are designed to have the lowest friction and rotational masses possible, a F1 car revs to 18,000rpm, now at that speed the frictional losses are exponentially higher than at half that speed (I have read the figure is greater than 4x) so if the engine was used for breaking it would loose its breaking ability in an exponential manner, effectively making it useless to slow the car. Saying which, due to the very heavy drag that all open wheeled racers have, simply going from 100%-0% throttle at speed without touching the brakes will casuse the car to slowdown with about 1g of braking force at 120mph.
  3. 1. They seem fine to me, though it is a matter of opinion 2. Real F1 cars don't use engine braking 3. Due to the change to Pirelli tyres the F/R weight distribution is fixed by the FIA, the tv commentators were going on and on about this when they were arranging the Pirelli deal. 4. Dial in some more front wing, and slightly lower your rear wing, could also soften your rear anti roll bars. 5. Not something that I had noticed really, but I doubt it would bother me.
  4. It would be very easy for them to detect this as well, after all no matter how good you are no one can get through this game on legendary in 10 mins, took me what seemed like forever, and I now have an irrational hatred of jackals.
  5. Hey, I sent you a PM. Check it out please. Let me know if you're interested. :)

  6. Would be willing to boost with you if you want, have the virals, and also have done the game on legendary, so I expect you lot would want to kill me lol. Just send me a pm on here, or a message on live.
  7. Have you never heard about the 1980's? Small capacity turbo engines, lower revs, massive power and torque outputs, I would miss current V8 screamers, much as I miss the V10 and V12 eras, but this isn't really a step back.
  8. Cannot think of any way this would be as playable on a controller, so I doubt it will happen.
  9. On the 2dboy forums users have found temp disabling anti virus and or anti spyware products has worked, I had to disable ad aware for it to work for me.
  10. As the title says it is currently the daily deal on the GFWL marketplace at a massively low price of 80msp or in real money £0.75, not sure what it is in dollars, yen, euros, kronor or any other funny currency, but that is what it shows at for me lol
  11. Am well up for getting these, just bought the game on the steam sale and loved the first one. Any time is fine for me, just message me.
  12. Singapore and Valencia, mostly Valencia, that track is horrid, nothing flows, and it is harder to overtake there than it is at Monaco
  13. I see that as a major plus point, I tend to use my wireless controller with the play and charge wire plugged in anyway, and dislike the battery compartment as it gets in the way of my fingers.
  14. My wired controller is a bit "loose" now and have been thinking of getting another, can't find any of the official ones, but saw a black ops one in tesco the other day, and looking at reviews it seems just as good, possibly better with the two extra programmable buttons.
  15. If the licensing costs are not the factor, and development costs are, then explain multi platform titles? Top quality pc only games cost just as much to develop as console games, possibly more with all the added QA to do on various hardware. The one and only reason for the disparity in prices is the fact that in order to release a game on a console, you need to first pay the licensing fees, and also have your game disc manufactured at on of there disc pressing plants (which cost more than elsewhere), or an approved third party plant (which will be paying a fee to the console manufacturer and pass those costs to you) I briefly worked at a developers (not as a game designer or anything interesting), and many times heard people talking about this issue (normally about how high they were)
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