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  1. Hey, I am still petitioning Square Enix to reset the leader board for Kane and Lynch. I just got a response that stated they didn't know it was an issue and they are taking a look at it. I would still like people to post in the following forum to show they still want this to happen. http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?p=1796649#post1796649 Thanks and I look forward to your reply.
  2. So far only 6 gamers have responded - it will take more than that to get this done.
  3. I would like to think that if enough of us reply to following thread on Eidos' forum we can get the leaderboards reset much like GRAW reset theirs. Worth a shot. http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=127312
  4. So I was just about to give up and start a third playthru because I was running out of places to recheck - my last item was the picture frame in the upper right room of Tolty's Inn in Tosca.
  5. I found the following list to be very helpful in trying to hunt down that last missing item. Obviously if you have all the spells those can be checked off and the same thing with seeds, accessories and weapons. It is all of the other items that make things a pain but to short the list even more by knowing what can be purchase in the auction house helps. Disc 1 Highlands of Wohl Sea of Baus Numara Troop Camp Disc 2 Old Sorceress' Mansion - (All of the "Past Within the Mirror" areas) Experimental Staff Samanese Merchant Ship Disc 3 Khent Gohtza - Middle Town Gohtza - High Town Gohtza - Rosa's Restaurant Gohtza Station - Waiting Room Gohtza Station - Platform Aurora-Bound Train Snow Covered Trail East-Bound Track Old Gohtza (Includes Eastern and Western Districts, along with the Scrap Dungeon) Uhra Sewers - Giant Drain Uhra Sewers - Conduit Uhra Sewers - Treatment Plant Uhra Sewers - Magic Tank Disc 4 Grand Staff Grand Staff Redux These are the places that you cannot return and therefore the items should be available in the auction house. Some of these you mentioned in the guide others you did not.
  6. Hey,


    Saw you post about the Fable III legendary weapons. Any change you can help me out with those. I can trade them right back after the cheevo pops. GT: R0KETM4N thanks! =)

  7. SA9) Once you're in the room with the huge chandelier. Cross the floor into the next room at the foot of the stairs. In this room turn left. Go to the fireplace and you will see a 'strange candelabra' on the left side of the fireplace. Pick it up and place it on the right of the fireplace to drop the wall. In the room with the chandelier is a throne and the side of it are four shields. I already had the shields in my collection so I am not sure which ones they are. To the back right from R18 along the a small ledge is a chest. As an assassin you can lock pick this for Daggers of Frost in case you missed them before.
  8. hiya


    Just wondering if you still have all the weapons on fable 3 available? If so could i possibly take ownership of them till achievement pops then hand back?


    Cheers. Would pay in fable gold but guessing if you've all the weapons then gold is of no use to you!

  9. Just wanted to let anyone who was thinking about helping me know that unfortunately I had to do this achievement the hard way but I finally got it. Thanks.
  10. @Yayo You know you can get the weapon from the shop. Load the game, check the shop. If the weapon is not there quit the game and start again until you find it. Should only take a few times.
  11. Yes Too Human is meant to be a Triology. I would not expect that poor sales would prevent Dennis Dyack from doing the other games. He had been working on Too Human in some fasion since the original Playstation.
  12. I have the leggings for a Cyber BioEngineer. I am willing to trade for the shoulders or leggings of a Cyber Commando. <- My GamerTag
  13. http://aerpgs.poweredbylasers.com/main.php Here is the location of the interactive map. It moved sometime in the past. I find it a little hard to use. Does anyone have a picture of the underground showing all locations - I think there are around 50 and I have 49?
  14. Item 258 - Water Earring is not missible because it can first be found in Undersea Cavern - I only know this because I am working on creating a guide for this game right now. Also Stylish Vase in English is Designer Vase.
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