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  1. If you're only interested in playing through the game once it might be worth noting you can get 'Mightier than the sword' and 'Ludwig was right' within the same playthrough. Just follow the guide as if you were going for mightier than the sword, ie returning the deserters and leaving Reed in charge, then [sAVE] when you resolve Monarch and return to Sophia to unlock 'Mightier than the sword'. Then reload the [sAVE] referenced above, fast travel to Edgewater and kill Reed and his bodyguards up in the tower (the town below literally dont even care that you do this) then immediately fast travel back to Sophia and you'll get given a quest called foundation. Finish that and you'll get the Ludwig was right achievement too. Then reload [sAVE] and carry on your playthrough with whichever outcome you prefer. I did this yesterday and it works fine.
  2. About 6 months ago (might even have been longer), I read a thread on here about the future of the site. Some owner/admin person in that thread said that something was coming soon that was going to change the game. Did we ever find out what that was? Did it happen? Did it just not work out? Or is it still coming?
  3. Did they patch this then? Haven't played for a month but regularly got way more than 3 skill points in a chain. It was capped at 10 though.
  4. Kill the legendary buck and then a fence can craft it for you.
  5. Yeah Vincent at HDTV test did a good video that tells you exactly what's going on if you really wanna know the details. Game does look kinda washed out at times.
  6. Yeah we're swimming in active members right now so we can afford to chase a few off.
  7. Anywhere in free roam, press start > Quick Chat (bottom left)
  8. Choose 'select chapter' rather than 'next chapter', that way you can see the time requirements for each star before you start. Take shortcuts like straight over the roundabout rather than following the gps around it etc. If your still struggling, turn rewind on and rewind anything thats less than flawless.
  9. Agree that drivatars seem better in this one than in the others. I always play the level below the top one (unbeatable) and this is the first Horizon where I don't routinely win every race. Not that that bothers me. The seasons aren't really working out for me either. I was online when it changed to winter yesterday. Sucked. I cba to go putting snow tyres on and off all my favourite cars every week. Events are much harder in the winter aswell and when you're trying to beat rivals targets set in other seasons, you might as well not log on until summer in 3 weeks time.
  10. Liveries for the cars? I bought one tonight and after I clicked on it it took me to the showroom with my car on the pedestal and I could 360 around it before it said back, or accept or whatever. I did get a patch today though so maybe they changed it.
  11. It'll be the same as the previous 2 horizon titles. If it's highlighted, it's considered driven on, whether you actually drove on it or not.
  12. It's all about tension on the line. If you're using the beginner's rod then the line will be green and that's fine, reel away, but when it starts going orange and then red that means the line is getting too tight and you need to stop reeling in at that point. If you keep reeling then the line will snap and you'll have to start again. Just let go of the button and let the line go green again. Then start reeling in and opposing the movement of the fish as you were before. The fish will get tired and you'll just be able to pull it all the way in before long. Some fish struggle for longer, some less so, but just repeat this over and over. Once you figure this out and get a system working you'll never not catch the fish again.
  13. After finding all the circles did you complete the quest by going back to the original circle in Siwa to get the cutscene after unlocking the others? It's been a while but I think that was when mine unlocked. Can't be sure though.
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