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  1. Um, yeah. Why would you think researching the same thing repeatedly would count? At any rate, if you are going for all other achievements this one will unlock without you doing anything extra.
  2. The game has been patched and is fully achievable. If the lack of someone to trade with is the only thing stopping you, hit me up. Fantastic game IMO. My advice about taking pictures remains, however.
  3. Hi SA. I am mostly working, gaming (passed 500k myself not that long ago) and spending time with my wife, dog and cat. I am actually in Romania at the moment, on my way to the airport shortly to head to Amsterdam, and eventually back home.
  4. Lurking is my new specialty, along with drive-by posting.
  5. Fortunately, new easy 1K titles keep being released. Congrats on the milestone!
  6. Thanks, and early congrats to you! I own two of the Resident Evil games, but I have never played any of the RE series. I just like to buy games for no reason apparently.
  7. I hit 500,000 on Thursday, October 4th, 2018. This is almost three years after I hit 400k, but in fairness it took me four years to get from 300k to 400k, so maybe I am getting faster. I played a LOT of Minecraft over the last few years...full disclosure requires me to call out that 400 GS in the 360 version was many years ago, and I have unlocked 6 or so achievements since hitting 500k (thank you Jess and Matt!). But other than that, across 9 versions of Minecraft I am sitting at 14,790 GS out of 15,010 available. I still am going to add the Windows 10, Windows Phone, and Android versions to that total, which is a bit over 6,100 more GS. I don't own a Nintendo Switch, but I borrowed one from an employee and got 1930 out of the 2070 currently available on it back when I had a week without system access at work. Getting paid to get gamerscore is pretty awesome! So...Sanctum 2. Fuck. REALLY good game, challenging, designed well for co-op... and so damn hard. Andrew and I have been playing this roughly weekly for the last two years, and we have one level to beat for the final achievement. It is a Tower Defense/FPS hybrid (similar in concept to the Iron Brigade game I talked about when I hit 400k) from the same developer who produced the Goat Sim games, Coffee Stain Studios. The worst part is knowing that they patched the PC version to add more content that balances the game a bit more, and did NOT release that to the console. There are days I want to go to Sweden just to yell at them. The rest of the days I want to go to Sweden to watch Sabaton, so I guess Sweden is in my future regardless. I also played a lot of stackable pick your own adventure type games: Life is Strange (twice, plus the prequel), The Wolf Among Us (twice), The Walking Dead: Season Two (twice), Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, The Walking Dead: Michonne (twice), The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season, Tales from the Borderlands, Batman: The Telltale Series (twice), and Game of Thrones. As I neared 500k I played AC Syndicate, and found it to be the best AC game I have played yet. I am doing them in order, so I am a few years behind the releases, but it made me nostalgic, so I started playing the Ezio collection...and even my wife pointed out how much the graphics have improved between those two points in the franchise history. Dear Esther was cool. walk walk walk.... I played Tropico 5 twice. Definitely buggy on the 360, and not at all buggy on the Xbox One. Great game regardless. Long live El Presidente! Shadow of Mordor was a recommendation from Andrew, and a blast. I bought it on the Xbox One as well, but haven't played it there yet. Also recommended by Andrew were The Witcher 3 (1000 of DLC counts toward this 100k) and The Witcher 2, and Diablo III (which I stacked, of course). I also finished Magic Duels in this journey, although that was only a few achievements. I am mentioning it because it took more than a year to do. Fun game to the end, however. Cheers!
  8. Hrm...I checked internally and didn't see anything. Guess I will look harder.
  9. Unfortunately, three of the "unmissable" achievements did not unlock for me. I will repeat the episode and see if that fixes it, but heads up for the community.
  10. Apologies for the late reply... The game crashes because of a memory flaw related to the number of pictures you have saved. The way to avoid it is to delete all your user data (aka, start completely fresh) and never take a picture unless you are completing a scenario that requires it. Once you have done everything else in the game, you can take any remaining pictures for the Photographer Extraordinaire achievement. Note that the Red Hot Research achievement is unobtainable and the developer has repeatedly refused to comment on or acknowledge that fact, so it likely will never be patched.
  11. 23 friends for Underdog. A bunch of us got it this morning.
  12. Creech

    Level 24

    Agreed. I restarted the game as soon as the AI detected my carrier which cut down the time involved. You get so few resources that losing the carrier means you basically can’t attack in a worthwhile manner.
  13. You are welcome to join the group linked three or four posts up.
  14. If you work on a Sunday, it sucks to be you. It is 5am PT, 8am ET, 1pm UK/GMT. So I guess that is 2am or so in Hawaii? Not sure where you live, but we already have more people signed up than last time and still have 12 days to go.
  15. I set up another session for a few weeks out with more slots in it. Hopefully we get better participation this time. https://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=718644
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