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  1. Hello! I have a problem starting the new game plus option. As soon as I click on "Continue New Game Plus" I get the first stage of the Catwoman DLC. How can I start a new Game Plus? Or why can I not play with Batman? I am trying to get the "Twice Nightly"-Achievement.
  2. The only bad game in my list is NHL 2k6.
  3. This DLC is a piece of shit. I dont like Borderlands and because of this DLC i have to play it so long.
  4. Hey There! Me and a buddy cand find each other in the multiplayer. We have tried different type of games (Car Jacker...) bt we are always alone in the lobby or with another person. We both have the same preferences.
  5. I need someone to boost with me the online achievements. I am from germany, my timezone is +1. I can boost only on the weekend.
  6. I have played only two different Final Fantasy Games before. Its very easy to pick Final Fantasy XIII on the last position. This games sucks so many times... 1) Final Fantasy 9 (9 Points) 2) Final Fantasy 8 (9 Points) 3) Final Fantasy 13 (6 Points)
  7. Vanille - Marry Fang - Fuck Lightning - Kill
  8. It works, I tried it today. But I have to admit: I failed two times before.
  9. You can get the achievement in the gamelist "Team Objective". It is also played very often.
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