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  1. looking for someone to do the 4 player chivo with on the xbox one. got 2 controllers. GT: Achti
  2. have you cleared your cache in between? this could be your issue if the data is stored there. grinding now myself, im really dying of boredom. i dont really mind grinding but its the lack of tracker that makes me insane... its a tunnel without an end ;o
  3. i think its a pretty good game, it has its flaws but ive played much worse
  4. oh i really hope so! almost done with dragons and then i only got epic dungeon master left.
  5. if i look at TA at the list of people who recently got the achievement then the troll chivo isnt glitched. last winner was yesterday. i think these following chivos are glitched: Dungeoneering Would you look at it? just look at it! Dungeon master all recent winners are on 5 may and nobody won any of these behind that date i can confirm that the progress isnt going up for dungeon master but since i already unlocked the other 2 i cant check.
  6. oh thats good to know. i found it on the x1 version without any problems but now im playing the 360 one and its just glitched.
  7. just had the same thing happening to me on the same boss. i was somewhat lucky enough that it was on my first playthrough. guess i will make backup saves before attempting that boss again -.-
  8. ugh that sux alot -.- hope they fix it!
  9. got mine today. does anyone know if it is safe to use the first edition DLC codes?
  10. took me 81 tries to finally beat the coin golf in oakvale. that minigame totally sucks
  11. Thank you for this amazing guide. took me 2 hour 30 min to get everything while taking it slow and not skipping anything
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