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  1. COD is crap online. Far too many people just play it every waking hour and it seems you can get killed by any weapon from any distance. Too many hackers as well. Battlefield is awesome. Love the large maps but still plenty of cover which means it doesn't favour one particular class. Would like onslaught but for some reason I can't kill anyone. Hit one guy 5 times in the head with a sniper and he didn't die??? Saw the bullet hit him everytime. So I look like the boring one who just sits back letting the rest capture the flag. Boring but helps others.
  2. I will only buy motogp games when capcom stop making them. 08 was rubbish I got it because I enjoyed 07 (made by thq). Downloaded the 09/10 demo last year to find they turned it into an arcade game not a racer so didn't buy it. Just been playing 10/11 demo for about an hour and again it's crap. There is still an arcade feel to it. Handling is so bad, I've tried changing bike setup but its shocking. I'm sticking to the SBK games! Thank you Capcom for fudging up another MotoGP game!
  3. Well that answered my question in 7 minutes cheers! Usually there would be a big discussion and I wouldn't get an answer. Would have made things a lot simpler as I've tried to get them legit in mp. I've played online for over 60 hours and only 3 demo kills and I'm useless at flying the helicopter. I'm decent with the uav but failed to kill on many occassions. There are choppers in onslaught so could be done.
  4. Only just started playing this game for the first time since last May and noticed I still need demo man (another 17 kills) & airkill achievement. I just downloaded the onslaught pack. Can I still get demo man & airkill while doing onslaught as technically I am still playing online?
  5. I can't get a match either. Quick Match - There are no joinable matches at this time. Ranked Match - Cannot create matches Custome Match Any - Big list appears but everyone says The lobby is no longer available. Thought this game couldn't get any worse
  6. This game is more frustrating than Trials HD. Only playing it because it's free. Would vote for Harm's Way easy! The idea for Harm's Way is awesome and could be improved in graphics, number of tracks, weapons & perks to unlock like super slow mo. This would make a real good multiplayer retail game. Crash course is annoying rubbish.
  7. 1. Tentacle Touchy (SPECACT Engineer Elite, Demoman and SPECACT Assault Elite) 2. Whiskey Sample (Helper) 3. Capn Franky (Demo man & Et tu brute) 4. Webb Face (Demo man & airkill) 5. ii MINESH ii (All) 6. seaweeeedman (Demo man) 7. 8. ___ Back Up's 1. 2. 8.15pm is fine for me on sunday
  8. 100% this game this time last year and just noticed I still have the data saved which I need to delete to make space on the hard drive. I have loads of cars some with different designs that I will put in the auction house for peanuts or if you need certain cars send me message (No taking the pi$$ and saying you want 30 odd cars). I think I might still have 6m cr haven't looked since last year. Just thought I'd help a few people out before I delete it. GT Webb Face
  9. Count me in. I need Airkill as well. Just got this on PS3 as none of my mates have this on 360 so want to get these last 2 achievements so I can trade in. I'm off work until 23rd so anytime suits me. 1 Achiever TM 2 skewie 3 Webb Face 4 5 6 7 8
  10. currently online 15.20 gmt in player ctf game. staying in the game for a couple of hours while other jobs get done. send a message if you want to boost then join the game. I need another 24 flag captures and the 2 ranked victories achievements.
  11. I just need the 2 flag capture & 2 ranked victory achievements will be during the next week.
  12. All Resident Evil. 1. When Mr X bursts through the wall on RE2. You run out of the room the music stops you think that's it then he bursts through the wall again. 2. Dogs in #1 at the start down the hallway on the right that jump through the window. 3. In RE1 the cut scene when a hunter comes charging from the courtyard into the mansion. Then getting my head cut off. 4. RE5 "Lost in Nightmares" whenever one of the monsters with the giant axe appeared and I was short on ammo. 5. Everytime you open a door in the first 3 games not knowing whether there is anything on the other side. Loved playing the originals in the late 90's early 00 when I was 11 12 years old on the Playstation.
  13. Decided to play this again after 2 years as it's the only footy game I have at the moment. I'm in my 5th season and I'm playing for PSG after being at Fulham, Wigan, West Ham & Sunderland. My are stats building but this legends thing is so so boring watching games I'm not playing in. I'm slower than the fat kid in class my shots are back passes with 90% of them being blocked anyway. My first touch makes a great pass. A slight breeze knocks me over. In a nutshell I'm shitter than Emile Heskey. I'm always on the bench and play the last 20 minutes so only get the ball once or twice so can't make an impact to start the next game. I've only scored 5 first team goals because the AI is crap and never passes to me when I want it. Whats the best way to max the stats quickly and get my player in towards the England team?
  14. Have a 1 year old Elite console and a 1 month old controller with battery bar 3/4. The problem I have is the controller keeps switching off during the game. Here is what I have equipped and the problems I have with the controller. LMG - Will Turn off when a bullet is fired. BFG - Will Turn off when fired. Holy arms - Will turn off when I hit someone. No problems if I press X and miss. Flamethrower- No problems Flaming Gloves - No problems Knife Gloves - Will turn off when I hit someone. No problems if I press X and miss. Everything is fine in the in game menu press all the buttons the controller stays on. Switched from 1 saved game to another same problems. Tried switching console off and on again. Just had a go on F1 2010 it works fine. So what the hell is going on with my pad during DR2?? At the end of 2nd playthrough had the odd moment when it switched off but now it's just constant.
  15. what a load of shit! got ending A no achievement and saved over the file. Not gunna be getting this acheivement in a while. This game is far too boring to keep playing over again so soon. All you do is kill a few psychopaths using the same method. Bring people back to the safe house. Combine weapons. Kill zombies. Not at all challenging just extremely repetative. (My opinion before some start moaning)
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