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  1. Hey there! Thought I had taken care of this long ago but noticed today that apparently I haven't. All my work on guides/roadmaps here are credited to my old forum name, ScottieElisabeth. Could I please have that transferred over to BadWolfTommie, my current username? Additionally, will this cover the credits within the guides themselves or do I need to post elsewhere for that? Thanks so much!
  2. Hey there, 90.4% the way through and I'm trying to make it to the Owlery. From the fountain courtyard (stones everywhere, fountain in the middle), I see a small closed door to the left, a small open door to the right (where you actually go inside the clock, with the gears), and the big door in the middle is closed. No handle, no indication of how to open. I DO NOT see a gold pendulum--that's the door that's closed. So what gives? I've completed the story, I've done most of the free play. Why is the door not open? And more importantly, how do I open it? Thanks for any help!
  3. From the main menu of the game, select "single player" and then "golf." Each table is standalone and the tables can be played in any order and returned to individually at any time. I have been asked to make videos for this achievement since there aren't really any out there. First: The achievement description is misleading: you do not have to reach par or under on every individual table, but across the cumulative table score. Audio is not needed for the video (just created to avoid copyright infringement), just take note of the following: -These videos only use the Y button and left stick to adjust your shot, ignoring the B and X buttons. -Holding down right trigger while you adjust the power with Y will give you precision control, unlike the struggle you see in the videos (thanks BionicLyon!) -Scratching will incur a +1 penalty per turn -Sinking a yellow ball will incur a +1 penalty per turn -Touching a red ball will incur a +2 penalty per turn -Pay attention to the powers used in the bottom right corner -Be patient and utilize your turns available Carry on! Holes 1-18 Holes 19-36
  4. I was browsing through my post history today and since I've been on the site for many years, I've got quite a few teenage cringe posts that I would like removed. Just curious if there's a "delete request" thread I could submit them to, since they're Off Topic posts and neither game-related or relevant to anyone else ever.
  5. Hiya, Super not sure where to put this, but I've recently updated my username and was wondering if I could get my guides/leaderboards updated to match? To try to make it less of a hassle, here are the links to everything (I think) my name needs changed on: Former Username: ScottieElisabeth Current Username: BadWolfTommie Award Tracking: Guides & Roadmaps Award Tracking: Tiles, Awardables, etc. 3D Ultra Minigolf 2 guide credit A World of Keflings guide credit Boogie Bunnies roadmap credit Brain Challenge road map credit Chessmaster LIVE road map credit Diner Dash road map credit Fable 3 road map credit Hole in the Wall guide and road map credit Puzzle Arcade road map credit Resident Evil 4 HD road map credit
  6. Hiya, just posting because I've been accepted into Minty's Manly Men club but have yet to receive my award for it. I don't know if it will come with time or if I have to actually say something! Thanks.
  7. Finally a subscriber! Could I get my green name, pretty please? Also, I would love to change my name to match my gamertag: BadWolfTommie Is there anything else I need to manually do to update all my completion forums and such to my new name? Thanks so much.
  8. Apologies, I thought considering the rareness of the game, it would be alright to post directly in the forum.
  9. Hey, sorry I missed this! Found one, actually, which I'm now trying to turn around!
  10. Hey all, Since this game is so rare, I thought it might be okay to post here about selling my copy. It's region free, so can be played on any sort of 360 console, and I'm UK based but willing to internationally ship. Make me an offer I can't refuse!
  11. My boyfriend asked about their "aura" when I was playing as well! Seriously though, this game is shit.
  12. DERVISH!!! How's life? I was browsing the Thomas Was Alone forum and saw your post and I thought I might should check on you after the crazy snow I hear the East Coast got!

  13. Same pickup glitch in Level 5. Crossing my fingers, I'm almost done with the game!
  14. I just had a blood test as part of other stuff. Will that work? Or do I have to have a blood test with them?
  15. This is such a lovely idea! Way to rally our community to do something that makes a real difference. Unfortunately, I just took the "Are you fit to donate?" quiz on the local center's website and I'm not eligible because I've been "tattooed or pierced in the last 12 months". It's a shame as I've been tested recently for HIV in a routine check-up and it was negative, so unless there's something else that could be wrong with the blood, I'm stuck out for no reason. Does anyone know if there's a workaround for this? Like, if I can just share my results with them?
  16. As of 12/31/2015: "Choose a different app or game. We no longer support VoiceStudio. (0x87e10006)"
  17. That sounds magnificent! Got a recent pic?

  18. Oh well. 10 is killing my computer anyway! Looks like I'm reverting back to 8. How's that (not-so-) new puppy, by the way?

  19. Also though it says I've only unlocked 3, it shows many more tiles unlocked than that...

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