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  1. You can replay any missions you've completed on the Timeline.
  2. I still need the Alas, poor Yorick achievement, but I'm willing to help anyone get other achievements aswell.
  3. They're a mode apart and can be played and completed within 5 minutes.
  4. Missable means that you can complete the game without obtaining them.
  5. The demo is supposed to be a representation of the real game, right?
  6. Anyone who played the demo knows it already. There's no longer any jump scares and the enemies are quite predictable. It's more action orientated for example at a certain point in the demo, you're being chased by a giant drill, like really? A giant drill? It's a huge letdown, atleast for me. I also hope you can't gain any of the complete the game on X difficulty in co-op
  7. I did the guide and got 1000g in 2 days. If you think this game is hard, you should try Burst Limit. Sorry to break it to you, but if it's to hard to dodge Hyper Mode and sidestep combo, you're not good at this game... Don't call me stupid for your shortcomings. Thank you.
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