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  1. Anyone have an idea of when this will be released?
  2. will there be any achievements for the dlc?
  3. does anyone know if there are plans for dlc for this game? I don't really want to trade it in yet if there will be, and there was dlc for the other dirt games so who knows
  4. same thing happened to me...really making me angry
  5. Im looking to get all of the online achievements sometime tomorrow, ill be on around 1230 est. Just send me a message or friend request and I am also willing to help get partner the achievements. GT- xTREVOR24Px
  6. if anyone is looking to do the bonus wheel achievement count me in, shoot me a message on live.
  7. Looking to do the group achievements sometime today, I'm online now. post on here or send me a message on live 1. 2. 3. 4.
  8. looking to do all of the online achievements. hit me up xTREVOR24Px
  9. looking to do all the horde/beast cheevos somewhat soon 1.xTREVOR24Px 2.DMPIMP7 3. 4. 5. let me know asap
  10. I have the save for the fit 8 survivors in one vehicle so if anyone needs the achievement just send me a message and i can get it for you quick!
  11. they are about half of what they were in dead rising 2, so yes a huge improvement
  12. no achievements to go along with it? i doubt anyone will even buy it
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