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  1. I was able to finally unlock it by playing team slayer on Power House. I started at the bottom of the map in the shack with a hole in the roof. I grabbed a DMR and went to the lowest part of the map. I knew that the other team spawned from the highest part of the map, I figured one of them would either try and shoot on top of the roof or be backed up against the cliff wall. I waited and eventually killed a couple enemies ran out. I was able to kill one of them. It took about 6-8 shots (I probably missed at least once) Also If you spawn from the top part of the map, make sure you keep looking down toward the bottom. People usually hide down there and try to pick enemies off. If confused here is another way to explain, go to the bottom and line yourself up with the ramp that has 2 doors underneath. Aim above the ramp toward the back of the map, or vice versa. Good Luck.
  2. Well guys the show went great. We were the last pre-show act before Snoden and Kings of Leon went on. It was sold out and the place held 2,000 people. KOL played an amazing show, just being there was a blast!
  3. Check it out, we're playing the pre-show for the Kings of Leon May 17th! http://www.therave.com/eventinfo.asp?id=2400
  4. I believe it is like b=blue y=yellow o=orange. Haven't tried it though
  5. Also if you get tired of your opponent always having fever and you don't you can turn off the video in the background in the options menu. Thats what I did until I bought most of the clips.
  6. Wow, thanks alot Ninja!!! I can't believe how much trouble I'm having with all these achievements. This should help out!
  7. I think Toys-R-Us has them, I picked up one for the original xbox there.
  8. You can complete the game as many times as you wish and still unlock songs I completed it 7 times and I believe k-dog beat it 8 times. The only way you will unlock anymore songs though is to beat the envelope challenges. I stopped beating the crown challenges and went straight for the envelopes. Eventually after beating hundreds of them you will unlock all songs. Good hunting!
  9. i need help/tips on how to beat the challenge in Genuine. It's the one where you have to get all good, no perfect/great. I've tried playing with the sound off still no help haha. Thanks.
  10. I'd like to finish this game off by Wed. send me a FR. thanks PhilpotMusic
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