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  1. After my second encounter around the same area, the cactus bloke near hammerhead isn't completely random. A short google and found that it appears once a day between 7am and 6pm in the same location, just south east of the bend in the road north of hammerhead. Probably best googling cactaur location for better details. It's handy to quickly level yourself up, but as said before, you get lots of xp from just playing normally anyway. Plus it really only helps HP and Ap anyway.
  2. http://uk.ign.com/articles/2015/12/09/ark-survival-evolved-xbox-one-footage-and-early-access-details Tells all. Ark to be (finally) released on the 18th, 35 dollars.
  3. It is perfect as it leaves me siding with the railroad in the end. BOS are too tyrannical and the institute show no regard for any lifeforms but those of their group. The moment you meet someone named a family title, you know something isn't right.
  4. Not sure, my settlers were standing out in the road at night cos my 3 storey house is bugged in some way. Moment I put beds in one of the non-destructable houses, they all walked to those houses and slept. Building is still very glitches. Wouldn't place any beds in those structures unless they are prefabs.
  5. I was able to just make a nice metal house. Since there was no guide I was having a hard time. First, don't use pre fab unless you know it will work well in that place. This will sound strange, but place the front door first, and then move from there. Now, sounds simple but place floors first, don't build the walls until ALL floors are down. Floors are only wooden unless you use the roof or prefab. When the walls are up you can no longer rotate the floors. So place the first floor connected to the door. As most people will be doing this, place the stairs and the shack upper floors before the walls, seems less glitchy this way. And do this method for each floor you do. Then finish with a roof after placing the walls on the final floor. If anyone has any idea how to link an outdoor generator to indoor or in my case any of the lights, it would be wonderful.
  6. Does the items in the workshop inventory automatically get converted to the required materials or do we need to take it all out and break them down?
  7. PC mods are already being made, one modder is already showing off metal walls with windows that is already in the game, just not a construction item. They said PC mods would be coming to consoles and had a way of doing it really quickly.
  8. I just realised why lobbies don't progress, it's because some arse wipes DASHBOARD in the lobby and go to another app like youtube. When you DASHBOARD and use YouTube for example, ur game is still running but not instantly disconnecting you. If ur gonna leave the game, leave the lobby first. I will warn people in game when I see it but pls don't be an ass and ruin a game. If your symbol is loading when everyone else's is complete, then its you that is holding everyone up and no matter how long you wait, it will not fix itself. Leave and go to another game. Matchmaking in this game is worst I have seen since the 360 was first released.
  9. I'm getting annoyed by all the people who run around like its cod, while I like having easy kills, I don't like being the last on my team alive because they die quickly. First tip: This isn't team deathmatch, so while you should kill an enemy if in plain sight, don't just plan to kill all the enemies, even while on defence. In attack, you have an objective which is not to kill the enemy, in the full game with hostages, you can extract the hostage without killing any enemy if the other team abandon the hostages to all cover one area. Tip #2: Talk. I know, we all hate this unless it is party chat, but talking is really useful, as even dead people can help by watching through the cameras. Tip #3: If your on attack, use your silenced pistol to take our the cameras. As I said, if you kill a defender, he has two options, watch from his teamamtes sight (no third person, he sees what his team mate sees) or watch from the camera. Tip #4: Defenders, Use your gadgets quickly. Each operator class has a unique gadget, so if you a rook, you can drop armour for teammates. If you are mute, drop your scrambler near the objective so drones cannot identify where the objective is (they will have to search the entire place now, rather than have a direct indicator). Tip #5: Squad up. This is very useful as you can plan who is going as what operator, as you can only have one operator type per team. It is also useful for those in party chat, for those talking with friends not in the game. Tip #6: Don't think like you are in call of duty, where it is forward left right behind. You can hang upside down, so when there is a hole in the window, remember they could be looking down through the window. You can shoot through plaster walls, so if a person is hiding in a corner waiting for you to run through, shoot through the wall. You can blow up floors, ceilings and other places where you can place a breach charge. Tip #7: Everyone loves explosions, so tempt enemy away. When attacking, if there is a floor or ceiling or plaster wall, place a breach charge or c4 and wait nerar another entrance. They will ALL look towards the explosion when this happens, so use this to attack from other angles. Tip #8: Gaps. When doors are put up, they can leave a small gap at the bottom. Lie on your back and look for shadows, if someones camping near the door, you'll know. Also, if your guarding a door, don't look at the door but the gap, you will see their feet before anything else. Tip #9: Don't place defences in rooms you aren't in, I see barb wire near windows in rooms people aren't near. This is useless as it just slows enemies down and they can easily get through it. Instead, place it outside doors your protecting, it also gives off a sound when someone steps on it. Plus, link it with the gadget that eletrifies metal objects and watch them fry. Tip #10: Go slow, and tilt. For god sake, tilt your head and slow down, while you are on a timer, you aren't if your dead. Tap in your thumbstick when looking down sights to tilt your head, which also rotates your body when repelling. From this, you can see you shouldn't think from just a point to point gamestyle. Plan around, use the first 30 seconds to plan your approach whether attacking or defending.
  10. Rainbow six week is a really good game, but it is like payday where it will be more of a side game than like battlefield or cod which you can play over and over for months. I'm still loving how people just run about, easy kills. Slowly move around and always tilt your head round corners. People still only look left and right, so when using ropes on windows, hang upside down.
  11. The beta was originally meant to go on until October 5th as that was the original release date. While many speculate it will continue far after, 2 months of gameplay may give people enough and they will cancel their orders. Beta codes are going out in waves, the earlier you entered your guaranteed beta access code the faster you will likely get your beta code.
  12. Does keeping quiet using the butterfly stop me earning any achievements?
  13. If I stop quiet from leaving via butterfly, what achievements do I miss. Does mission 45 and side ops 150 count towards the side ops and all s rank main missions? If quiet needs to leave for this, then when is the latest to use her, as clearing outposts is really easy with her.
  14. Edited: vamp bite used. But still looking for edonheart bite, although don't mind if its werewolf or vamp now. I'm willing to pay 25k for it. Already posted on ESO forums but could take a while. Unfortunately I'll be away as of Thursday for a month so cannot do anymore bites for a while. GT is code 117.
  15. No key. The disc isn't locked once you use it on your account.
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