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  1. It seems a lot easier than the trophies for this game.
  2. On Xbox One, it counts bonuses. This version is only counting the actual reward. Seems like someone didn't get the memo when developing this game in conjunction with the superior version.
  3. Thorpe

    Easy 1000G

    Easy but a terrible game. Whipped up in Unity of course.
  4. I got mine in under 3 hours. I redid the Japan levels for the coins and timer powerup achievements.
  5. Easy enough. Many will come through by the end of last level. It is likely you'll have to go back to a previous level to get more coins and power ups. Seeing as you can die and enemies don't spawn again, it is quite an easy game.
  6. I turn the narration down to 0% and enjoy the ambience. The voice just gets annoying after a while.
  7. I'm looking at the achievement stats on console and the lowest unlocked achievement is at 10% of all players. It seems doable.
  8. I've done many quests (wasteland and the overseer ones) and it is stuck at 40% done for 10. I have done about 10 now at least.
  9. I recommend not changing surnames because it makes it more trial and error trying to find someone who is not part of their family for procreation. It seems to assign the male or female surname to the child depending on the gender so that's helpful.
  10. I made a new vault and have the pet carrier but I cannot remember if I got it on my first vault attempt.
  11. This sucks. See they could've made money by offering this starter pack every time you start a vault (even if you delete ones before) if you bought it at any point. Instead it's one-time use so I won't be supporting this game financially.
  12. The Starter Pack seems fair enough if you can always use it for different vaults and it's not one time use. Anyone know if this is? I may get this pack but I'm already quite into the game now so not sure it'll work. It is one-time use. http://help.bethesda.net/app/answers/detail/a_id/34967/~/what-is-the-fallout-shelter-vault-tec-starter-pack%3F
  13. Your external hard drive or USB cable must be faulty. I highly doubt it is this game.
  14. Thorpe


    Going back to this after Catalyst and you realize how less fluid the movement is. This one you have very little room for error and you can't build up a run as quick as the new one.
  15. It does work. The servers are giving leaderboards just fine.
  16. I've done the bounty achievements. The only real difficulty here is the unreliable nature of the matchmaking. It is wise to use a powerful sniper rifle as you take out the enemy in one shot. Camping ruins these modes.
  17. Try visiting the achievement page on Xbox.com to see if it unlocks.
  18. Remember you can use the drone over those areas and if you get near the barn it will put its precise location on your map. Had I known this, it would have taken me less time finding the barn finds (I tried it out when they added a new barn find in).
  19. I am not sure why but I only have ever owned Forza Horizon 3 standard edition on Blu-ray. Now the game is playable without needing to put the disc in the drive anymore. I have version update downloaded recently. No other user on this Xbox One owns a digital entitlement of this game. The Xbox One was restarted just to see if it was some temporary system glitch but the disc is still not required. The game is fully playable without ever needing to reach for the disc. I only have Forza Horizon and Forza Horizon 2 Xbox 360 titles on my account transactions so those are the only Forza games that should work without a disc. Anyone had this occur with this game or another game on disc?
  20. I don't even bother to message bad players because it's a waste of time. I do not reply either to negative messages sent to me on Xbox Live because again it's a waste of time (especially when sent in non-english). I'd argue that if you are sending messages to someone because they're playing in a way that frustrates you, this only satisfies their ego and to continue bad sportsmanship.
  21. If multiple playthroughs are required, it going to be a bit annoying. Mafia II had a slot save system I think but a lot of games now just have one autosave slot.
  22. Thought it was only me noticing those horrible voices. The sound engineer did a really bad job at mixing them properly. And yes...it does feel like you're hitting nothing over and over.
  23. I got it too with great relief. When it is a draw and the platform raises, you can just mash the attack button. The opponent will block constantly but cannot get any attacks in (he takes minor damage when blocking so eventually will get knocked off). Since the game is also out on Xbox 360, I would not put myself through this again just to double up the gamerscore. Way too much stress.
  24. Seems to be better now for multiplayer. Lots of people racing. Really annoying that the medals for the 1000 Club wouldn't upload and would reset.
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