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  1. I only need the Rapid Discord achievement now. If anyone is up for boosting it, I will be up for it! GT: koopi
  2. Yeah, I was hoping for new achievements aswell. Let's hope they add them in an update.
  3. Oh, okay. It's been a while since I've unlocked it then, haha.
  4. Just saw a MoreConsole video on youtube - he earned a Trophy called "Rising Vanguard" for completing the new strike. So maybe this is not all the achievements?
  5. Anybody wanna help me with the 3rd fase of this Bounty? I'm only lvl 25 and can't do it! Those elites, damn!
  6. I hoped we could pre-order this digitally, so we would get the shoulders.
  7. Just a pity we can't pre-order digitally like PS. I don't want the game disc to get those items. :C
  8. I would love to play with people who know, that you have to hold X to detonate at the end. Just died with 3/4 players holding X. Anyone need a player?
  9. I've got two characters at level 11 now, one plant and one zombie - but the achievement "Challenge Accepted" just wont unlock. Is it because I've used challenge skips at the final couple of challenges? :/
  10. I did that, and have beaten the boss 4 times, still no achievement. :/ Edit: Just checked again and it is now unlocked. After a couple of hours delay, but it is unlocked. I guess it's the X1 that was a bit slow. Very strange. I have seen an achievement pop before, even after I changed game and played for hours.
  11. I just completed Antarctica, but the Stone Cold achievement didn't unlock. Do I need to complete it with another character, or is it just glitched?
  12. Awesome! Is it out yet on X1?
  13. "Should"? That's what worries me. Haha.
  14. Hello, I've got a Season Pass code for X360. I only have the game on Xbox One ... Can I redeem the code on the 360 dashboard, then download the stuff on X1? Or do I need to get the game on 360, then redeem it in the in-game store, to get it to work on X1? I won the code, have tried to redeem it on X1, but it says it only works on 360. Thanks in advance! :3
  15. Bomb squad achievement help needed, if it's even possible?
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