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    i used to go by Slipknot1988 and i have "anger issues"
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    Gotham, Ontario
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    comics, sleeping, boosting, improving my gamerscore, hanging out with friends, not working
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    corporate slave to the biggest retail outlet in [possibly] the world and puppet to all who run it

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  1. i'm looking to hit rank 10. i've done about seven matches against randoms in Beginners Only matches and either the fuckers are smurf accounts or have such a bad social life they have nothing else to do but practise. if you're up for tedious grinding please send me a message on XBL
  2. looking to boost ribbons and all forms of Horde mode on all difficulties including iron man doesnt have to be in one sitting and any level or class is fine with me as of this post i'm a level 39 (first run) with a level 3 heavy with the mortar card (i've only used heavy class so far)
  3. i'm looking for some people to do multiplayer mode with so i can cross out those achievements. matching up with randoms is a joke and if i'm not booted back to the lobby after joining someone else's lobby i end up starting a match alone despite having 4 players ready to go
  4. if anyone is still playing this I'm currently on my 3rd character (level 20/21) and afterwards will have Supes, Lex, and Circe to mentor me. if anyone wants to help me kill off the next 9 or 10 levels and then start over again once we're at level 30 send me request on xbl and tell me it's for DCUO
  5. i'm still looking for Sorry Not Sorry and Take a Cab. anyone willing to help AND I MEAN ANYONE is welcome to message me on XBL
  6. i'm looking for people to boost God-specific achievements and i'm on daily
  7. looking to boost with people for the Achievements, particularly the "kill 4 players using X" ones like Reaper who just won't frickin' kill (or assist) in time!!!!! currently level 12 and available daily
  8. i'm looking for a group to do LASO and all games on legendary in under 3 hours (checkpoint holders are encouraged cuz this is some ridiculous shit to do solo!) and also looking for H2A multiplayer achievements
  9. if anyone wants to do a 4-player co-op match let me know i'm available most evenings (sometimes as late as 12am depending on my work schedule) and i'm on pretty much daily
  10. it's a long shot but i still need co-op players for at least 3 achievements on the Xbox One version: - Take a Cab - Sorry Not Sorry desperate to get these out of the way and off the list so i can grind in relative peace. inbox on XBL please, any and all help is appreciated, especially from those who beat the game already
  11. looking for all multiplayer stuff. the list is long but i can stick it out for the whole group to get what they want
  12. looking for help with anything multiplayer related. the list is quite long but i'm able to stick it out for everyone involved to get what they want
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