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  1. In fact, you've only one chance to capture GOREVORGG DNA, be sure do it before unlock the cheevo to kill it
  2. Hi there, except the "win a ranked match" cheevo, I need to unlock all of online ones.... So, if you need to unlock all or some.... send me a message
  3. Hi there, same here, I've bought the game right now... and I'm not a very good KOF player.... just for fun
  4. Look for online cheevo.... Is still player there ??? GT BEUAH (usually no mic, just send message )
  5. Hi, I've just collect all journals and.... no achievement unlocked.... Somebody have tips to unlock this boring kind of cheevo ???
  6. sorry to be so long.... I found player but I can help you if you need.... happy new year :)

  7. Hi everybody, I usually play fighter (swordman) and alchemist, but this time I would try to play wizard, so I need answers about some questions: 1) except blue potions, is it possible to regain mana quickly in multi-players adventure, my stats are already max lvl to regain mana points ( I know in campain mode with "regain mana stones") ? 2) I need help for casting powerfull spells (I'm max lvl in necro but nothing else). 3) Do have I to build a mage tower and blacksmith (with mines of course) only in my village to find interesting stuff for my wizard? I hope that questions seems not too stupid
  8. Totally agree, a wonderfull game... Beware of mature's materials of some side quests (if you're prude) ...
  9. So, I try lot of way to resolve this proglem, and it works...... I just reload twice in a row from the map.....
  10. Hi, so I follow the mehtod to fix freeze, but since few games, konami cheat code doesn't fix freeze if I don't activate cheat.... My problem is I cannot return to normal saving mode if I activate then disactivate those cheat.... Someone can help me for this
  11. My dear savior, you save my awsome game to an eternal damnation.... If you need to boost something on every common game we have, no hesitatios, send me a message.....
  12. And freeze.... strikes back.... So can you explain how activate this cheat menu because nothing happened during my load screen....do you use analog stick or not, do it quickly... tell me all you know just a little detail, I've got the UK version of the game, so I hope that's not the reason....
  13. I try this code, but nothing happened, can you tell how exactly (analog stick, wich load screen ....)
  14. Hi there, I keep somewhere in my mind this legendary Konami NES cheat code However, as I think, I unluck the pladin mode achievement and freeze disapear.... This problem scare me..... But I don't think as other forums that's a Konami/Sony's pact
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