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  1. I'm looking for LASO checkpoints. I'm willing to hold onto them for a few days to pass around myself, but I have to get them first. If anyone has them and the time to pass them on, please let me know. Gamertag: Edward Hyena
  2. If you don't have sixth-sense, there is a possibility that you have been detected but you were not notified. If the person who sees you is not in your field of vision, you will not get a notice. And if you're hanging out in Indirect Fire mode, you're probably not looking all around to make sure you haven't been spotted. If this isn't the case, people are following your tracers. I've destroyed tanks before they were detected before because they fired off a round or two while I was Indirect Fire mode in their area. No visual confirmation, but if you're looking at the point of origin of a tracer round when it fires, it's pretty obvious.
  3. I had the same problem last weekend. Delete the game and it's datafiles, redownload. Fixed it for me. Clear the cache in System Settings -> Storage
  4. It was working on the 26th and stopped working on the 27th. I was working on Hipster Kitty and got credit last Saturday but not on Sunday. Nothing I've done since has added progress anywhere.
  5. Looking for someone to do the 10,000,000 Chips with! GT : Edward Hyena
  6. It WAS glitched. About two weeks ago I watched a stream for 24+ hours (including midnight to midnight, in case it meant in one day).
  7. How much of this is pay only and how much of this can be done free?
  8. Is anyone else having trouble getting a stream to stay connected for 8 hours? They always seem to disconnect (even though they ware still broadcasting).
  9. I currently have designs up for: Ford 2014 Fiesta ST Chevrolet 2012 ZL1 Ferrari 2012 F12berlinetta I especially like my Ford Fiesta design. I will be doing more designs later in the week (as I actually like making designs, but finals week, so....) All are tagged with X360A in the description and I would appreciate any help. I also have a tune up: Class - D 372 Car - Ford 2014 Fiesta ST GT - Edward Hyena The tune is not that great, because I am not a tuner. It is called "High Pressure ( X360A )". Please help!
  10. Hi, I'll start looking for your photos. I have one posted myself: Lotus E21 at Yas Marina Circuit, Racing, Untouched, "Lotus in the Lead x360a", GT : Edward Hyena
  11. Okay, so I've done every stunt jump instead of this one. I have landed on all four wheels inside both gates multiple times, and every single time it says "Jump failed". I have even done a couple where I landed on all four wheels without hitting anything at all (most times, I land and then run into a wall before the slow motion stops.) Is there something I'm missing here? For reference, I've done it with a Michael in a Corvette and with Franklin in a Feltzer. EDIT: Sorry, I kept trying and eventually it did work. I have no idea what I did differently the time it worked, though. I DID hit the wall after landing, so I guess that's not a problem.
  12. Just got this game, and looking for a teammate! We can do the 35 races and the 19-race season (with the win 9 and win 9 method). GT : Edward Hyena
  13. I need help with the million credits. Also, I can help others with same (send me a message, but be warned if I'm in an endurance race that means I'm probably not actually around) or I can help with auction house achievements if anyone still needs that. GT: Edward Hyena
  14. If anyone is willing to lend me and my brother cars for the Expensive Taste / Ferrari Collector it would be much appreciated. We would need the Ferrari 250 California, Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferrari 250 Testarossa, Aston Martin DBR1, and the 2002 Enzo. We would return the cars intact. I can't help others with cars right now, but I can help with auto clubs. Anyone who still needs to join an auto club can join the Hyena Auto Club (HYNA). If you try to join send me a message on XBox Live so I know I need to go in and approve something.
  15. I posted a more detailed explaination in the "should I buy this" thread, but the idea of using coins to activate power-ups pisses me off.
  16. I would recommend against this. If you are just going for achievements, yes, you do need 300 songs total. RB 2 gives you 79, RB 1 gives you 54, Green Day Rock Band gives you 44 and LEGO Rock Band gives you 45. So you'd still need at least 3 of the track pack discs, or 53 DLC songs. If you are just getting it for a game, be aware that score attacking in this game is made difficult by the horrible coin system. In order to use power-ups (including "overdrive" if you are familiar with Rock Band), you need to spend an in game currency. If you use the maximum of 3 power-ups, which you pretty much need for gold stars, you will not earn as many coins as you spent, so you will eventually run out of coins and have to play songs with no chance at a high score to rack up more coins. Of course, they "remedy" this by using a Facebook app, which puts aspects of the game which SHOULD be on the console on Facebook instead. This includes goals or a way to keep track of the in-game score duels initiated. If you don't care about high scores or achievements, this game has a few other issues but is an okay buy.
  17. Mortal Kombat doesn't do the proper thing to ask which storage device you want to use at the start. Make sure you're using a consistant save device by manually selecting your device in the options whenever you sign in. Note : If you ever go back to the title screen (Press Start with Scorpion and Sub Zero fighting) it will revert back to a default setting.
  18. You mean I get to go through the same ordeal trying to unlock Gold Medal as I did the previous season? Awesome.
  19. I am looking for a new player to do "Professor Portal" with. Thanks in advance!
  20. Krome was closed in October 2010, and their projects absorbed by Microsoft. If this game was at one time worked on by Krome, what was released was finished by Microsoft.
  21. Just a note : The main chart is updated. I found a span of time about a week ago and crammed as much new information as I could in there. There are still some games missing but I don't know when the next chunk of time I'll have to look into those will be.
  22. Anybody still looking to play this game?
  23. This is the bane of my existence right now. Try as I might, I can only get to about 12 seconds left at the end of the race, using either the real Astra Extreme (more grip) or Shannon's version (more speed), both times getting every watch. I am curious, from people who have pulled off the hardest event in the game, what method did you use? Where did you boost? Presently I use boosts on a few of the straight aways (the first nitro being used after the first stop watch), and coming out of both of the hair pins. I use 2 boosts in the super long straight away between Checkpoints 6 and 7, and 3 boosts after checkpoint 11 (once over the hill after the stop watches, and then when landing from that massive jump, and then again in the last straightaway). But I am sure that this is not the proper method. Anyone else?
  24. Sorry about my slow updates lately. I've had class from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm every Wednesday. That will change starting next week, so I should be good for new games. Updated with most of Game Pack 006!
  25. Do I take that to mean that there is no Survivalist, or did you just overshoot it in your first go because it was that easy?
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