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  1. Yes, I think 4 is right if you play it online with other peoples help. If you play it solo, for me it's at least a 7/10.
  2. Yes, you can complete everything solo. I did it, the six oaths achievements too because I don't have the XboxLive subscription. But with other 3 people it's 10 time easier !! I think the plasma gun it's the best backup weapon. You can kill 6 or more enemys with just one shot !
  3. Exact. Challenge Accepted is an online achievement. The road map is wrong.
  4. Quick 1000 ? I think it will be one of the longest 1000 of all time. If you want to do 100% on every level you will need at least 300 hours !!
  5. The first time I won every race but I used the pit line and I didn't unluck it although my health was always green. The second time I did again the N-Dura Cup without a 2nd controller and I take my time. I didn't hit any wall and I finished every race in the last position...and this time I unlocked it ! Maybe you don't have to miss more then one bar.
  6. I think it will be very useful if you add more information about Layton Raceway because it's the only hard part of the game . When you drive on nascar oval with EVO class it's really important sliding (RT + LT) while boosting (A or RB) through the corners. If you don't do that I think it's impossible to get gold medal on it. It's also important that the car is almost perpendicular to the curve when you drift. You get more speed if you do that.
  7. Thanks. I finally unlock the achievement
  8. I finish N-dura class without any problem, but there is no way to finish EVO GT class. I'm so close (00:12:160 my best time) but I don't know how to improve it. I'm trying for hours... Is better to cut corners when you drift and drive on the grey bend or not ?
  9. I use LT+RT+A to drift but I still can't get the gold time. You have to hold all buttuns together or just sometime use the nitro ? What's the best car ? Is better to drift on the internal oval (grey) or external (black) ?
  10. Unlock every car by playing the carrer; then try different vehicles, and change the number of laps to 15. Don't use the fixed camera. On the first track I usually play with the car with better Turbo. I already achieve every gold awards on all the variants in each Class on the first track. After you learn every variant of the track it's not so hard. I achive a lot of the gold medals on my first try. If you are good you don't spend a lot of time. 1/2 minutes on each track including loadings. Difficult depend on skill: if you are good on racing games like this i think it's a 5 or 6/10. Time: 10-15h
  11. I can't help you because I don't have the Gold anymore, but I can tell you how I did this achievement in 5 minutes in solo mode. Watch this video: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnP3ONBccQo]Brink - Achievement Guide - Not so sneaky now, are you? - YouTube[/ame] I used a character with level 2 and get this at the first try. It's a really easy way !! But remember, you need the Homing Beacon ability to do that.
  12. This is my first guide and my English is not so good so be patient. Yeah yeah I know, another thread on this stupid level, but this time I found a real trick that works like a charm for me !! I was trying to complete this level 20 or more time and I always fail. I try to finish the game with my main character and then I try with a new one too (lv.1) like someone suggest. It was better, but the AI was always stupid. So let's start to explain. The trick is realy easy and I'm surprised that no one try to do that before. It's important to don't have any update of the game on your console, so it's important to clean your cache (NOTE: IF YOU DO THAT, YOU WILL DELETE EVERY UPDATE OF EVERY GAME YOU HAVE, SO YOU WILL HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THEM AGAIN). After you do that don't connect your console to XboxLive and play offline. Doesn't matter what is your level, now your teammates will play like happend on all the other levels. Star Day 6 on hard mode and finish the first part like you always do. Play as an engineer and constantly try to repair the controls. The first it is "easy". Now the second part, the fun begin. Don't play as operative but remained as an engineer. Fix the control panel of the bridge and then go in the area you can see in this video [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqMITE_b-1A]Brink Walkthrough - PT. 10 - Day 6 -Early Launch- Security Side - YouTube[/ame] (I just take the first one I found) at 7:30/7:35. Don't leave this area and it's really important to don't die. Build a turret on the left of the barricade and plant one or two mines (if you unlock the ability --> lv.4 required) when you can in the area in front of you. Remember, you can power up yourself and your gun by holding the LS stick, do that !! Now you are here and use the barricade to protect yourself and shoot/kill every single enemy it's in front of you. Use granades when you see more than one enemy nearby and shoot and cover over and over again. It's important to attract their attention on you and not to the primary object. Like I said, it's important to don't die, so be patient, take your time and repair the turret every time the enemy damege it. And now you will have the surprise. Your teammates will help you !! Someone will hack the missile and the other bots will help you to kill the enemys that are trying to remove the hack box. So still camp in this area and wait the 100% Like I said, for me works like a charm. I finish this level twice !! And both at my first try. You don't need to create a new character; I finish this level with my main character (lv. 19). That's it. If there are some grammar mistakes, please correct me.
  13. ""Get the Picture 15 Upload a Photo to Kinect Share. After you complete a song (or playlist), pick the "Photos" option. You will be given a list of photos from the session. Pick the one you want to upload, and then select Upload. When the upload is complete the achievement will unlock."" You need XboxLive connection so I think this is an online achievement
  14. Hi, the game on Xbox Live Arcade Compilation Disc is patched or not ? Thanks.
  15. I didn't play them online, I just connected my account to Xbox Live. Now every game on the dashboard has updated the gamerscore. But there's no problem; in last months I lost my interest on the gamerscore. I think is better if I spend my time to study english XD Thanks everyone for the replies.
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