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  1. I deleted the trial, re-downloaded it again and still did not get an update. I also cleared out my gamesaves cache, restated x1 but no luck. Is there any way to force the update or install it manually? I can't believe harmonix did such a horrible launch and released a broken, buggy game.
  2. I've tried that and everything else harmonix has mentioned but still no luck can't get this game to work. Any other suggestions? Is there an update to fix this issue anytime soon?
  3. It's available to see on the games store via Xbox one but Unavailable to purchase. You can purchase "credits" though right now but don't see what they are for. Also, apparently some people already have it as there are some game clips you can see.
  4. it's $4.99/400 MSP also on xbox.com. Here's the link: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Dawn-of-War-II/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8045451082d
  5. I have the game already and the achievements are glitched. They show up on the menu screen, pop up on screen but when I go look at my achievements on my profile it has a score of 0 for the game. However, if I click on the game to see the achievements it shows 1 I unlocked. Weird, hope it's fixed on release date.
  6. It's sad, but true. A simple update in the options to allow invert controls or a different choice would make this game better overall. I tried it now and feel kind of like i'm playing Child of Eden except for the controls problem. Still on the fence about spending 400 msp on it.
  7. Check your xbox 360 dashboard in the game marketplace. I just got the demo and to unlock the full game it's 400 microsoft points. Maybe we can get some matches going for online multiplayer/achievements. Price has not been reflected on xbox.com just yet though so try your xbox 360.
  8. Just saw this as Deal Of The Week and it's half off for $7.49 aka 600 ms points so purchased it. I was wondering why it was taking so long to download, it's 4.58gb and read earlier that it's like a full game with 1000 gs so well worth the $ there. Also, got an email stating that I would get 400 ms points back ($5) with any purchase from GFWL so an even sweeter deal
  9. I ended up buying it for 1600 msp off gfwl and was @ 11gb, overall took about 4 hours to download and install but runs smooth and looks better than the xbox 360 version. Saw the retail copy going for about $60 on amazon & ebay so took the cheap way out and just went digital
  10. I was thinking of buying the Gears Of War PC Version at Retail but was wondering, does it have any bonus downloadable content? Heard they had dlc maps but wanted to know if all the content is on the game disc or if there is a redeem code included via voucher. *Found someone locally who's willing to sell it to me cheap, but it's open and used* Or should I just buy it off the GFWL Marketplace for $20 aka 1600 ms points?
  11. quick question. any difference between the downloadable version from gfwl that is $20 versus the retail copy? retail copy is selling for over $55 easily now but wanted to know if there were any differences. also, the bonus (downloadable?) content is it all on disc or does it come on a separate redeem card type or what? Been looking to get this now but debating on which version to get. Thanks and hope to boost with someone
  12. http://www.gamesforwindows.com/en-US/Games/BlazBlue/ Saw this today and was wondering if the online community is still active or dead? Also noticed that it is cross compatible so you're able to play people on xbox 360 if you're on pc and vice versa and also read that you can use your 360 wired controller. Is the game worth buying though? Never played it before.
  13. Great job, pants! Any games you all recommend to play on GFWL? I will be using my 360 wired controller though. Currently have halo 2, shadowrun (should be arriving any day now), looking to get Gears Of War but can't find it on retail (ebay & amazon prices are $60) so might just get it as a digital download from the marketplace. I've got osmos too, what's left to play? Got fallout 3 goty on 360 and resident evil 5 on 360 too. Is there a list of compatible games for gfwl that'll work with the 360 wired controller? Tried google, no luck.
  14. So how's the online multiplayer for this? Found this game for $4 via Amazon [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Kane-Lynch-Dead-Men-Pc/dp/B000UUFR12/ref=sr_1_1?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1308782465&sr=1-1]Amazon.com: Kane & Lynch: Dead Men: Pc: Windows XP: Video Games[/ame] Thinking of buying it since it's a GFWL game, achievements and online multiplayer.
  15. Oh okay. I'm using w7 ultimate 32 bit and I haven't had any problems with halo 1 or halo 2. Just ordered Shadowrun. So can I purchase gears of war 1 pc from gamesforwindows.com using my xbl gamertag? Since it's $19.99 and I have enough microsoft points i'd rather do that than use my credit card. Also heard that you can play gears 1 online free so that's cool.
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