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  1. does anyone know any good locations for sharpshooter? Just done this in the first quarry in Sinai.
  2. Edit: no longer need to boost any achievements.
  3. Definitely use criticals. No brutes spawned for me either. Took me one and a half hours altogether.
  4. I didn't find IL as bad to be honest. Got hit with a 950k score and just carried in. Wasn't too bad.
  5. Thank You. Glad that's the case. Crime Alley is gonna give me nightmares for a while
  6. Finally done this god forsaken DLC, is this confirmed to be the last one?
  7. In regards to Azrael, re-doing the Azrael's Attonement map seems to make the stars count. At least it did for me anyway.
  8. Play on easy and use the tough luck skull. It causes them to constantly charge.
  9. It can be found on the halo channel.
  10. All the Batmobile stuff will most likely have achievements as well.
  11. Yes, upgrades carry over through both modes. So you could upgrade something in NG+ and it will be there in the normal play through as well.
  12. The prizes you get (packs), even if you lose the first game, usually equate in value to the coins paid.
  13. You can't but each entry costs 15k coins or 300 FIFA points. Your first entry will be free however.
  14. For those who were wanting to buy the game just a heads up, it's on sale this week - 33% off.
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