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    What you want to know?
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  1. GT: TheGamersKrew I applied to join on the xbox live page, just waiting on that.
  2. Forum Name: xENVxGAMERSKREW XBA Tenure Length: 10+ Years XBA Tenure Club: Tier 2
  3. I managed to join the XBA! crew. It had around 30/50 after i joined so there is room. hopefully i can grind some horde.
  4. Add me on Xbox @ TheGamersKrew for Horde or Escape or campaign on insane.
  5. im on the opposite i like terrorist hunt and my friends that have this game hate thunt so im forced to play solo add me so we can do some thunts
  6. Thanks I got the message from microsoft just waiting on the settings - system - update
  7. I'll hit you u up flipdog666 But if anyone one else is boosting hit me up GT: xENVxGAMERSKREW
  8. Im on right now add me on xbox to knock this out quick just need the 1 achievement drive and hijack
  9. I have the riot map unlocked just looking for players to help me get through it. Send me a message on XBOX Im always online or on my pc next to my xbox GT: xENVxGAMERSKREW
  10. their official twitter / facebook / etc... updates on the upcoming 2xp.
  11. I need Your Titan is Ready (1 kill) Cold Blooded (1 kill) Has science gone too far? (4 kill) RC Assassin (5 kill) add me on xbox one so we can knock these out
  12. Totally forgot about the compare achievements buy/play option ... and I had this xbox since 2 mo after launch lol Teh Paralyzer had it on his recent played games
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