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  1. Looking to get Time Travel Will Tell achievement. GT: PatrickNumber1
  2. I want to boost the new DLC achievements. GT ''PatrickNumber1''
  3. Need 3 dedicated achievement whores to boost with. GT PatrickNumber1
  4. Want to boost Full Assault cause nobody in the whole world plays this game. Need at-least four people to be rank. GT: PatrickNumber1
  5. I want to buy Crash Time 4 (PC), but it's not available to buy in Canada. If anybody would like to trade a Crash Time 4 (PC) product key for my Dead Rising 2 (PC) product key please send me a message. GT: PatrickNumber1
  6. Is anybody there I want to boost today. GT:PatrickNumber1
  7. boost online now GT: PatrickNumber1
  8. Want to boost all player badges GT: PatrickNumber1
  9. Want to boost call of the dead achievements. GT PatrickNumber1
  10. Need all co-op achievements for Saints Row 2. Only want to play with someone that wants to get it all done fast. GT: PatrickNumber1
  11. Well I played bioshock 2 and did not get Reincarnation achievement. I used rebirth before the update so I guess I'm screwed. There goes my completion for GT: PatrickNumber1. I will have to stop playing the Xbox 360.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  12. Well I used rebirth, so does that mean that I cannot get the achievement when the update comes out.
  13. I need the achievement to. I will give anything in return. GT PatrickNumber1
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