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  1. Not sure but im having the same problem. It was fine the last 2 days but it won't start now. I tried hard reset and reset factory settings and nothing.
  2. Same thing for me, I've completed playthrough 1, did all the side missions except trophies, a couple of the AR challenges to get the first achievement and have just passed the 30 hour mark. I still have 23 more upgrades to get.
  3. Yeah. I'm not really very good at the Batman games, I can never do all the challenges and can't bring myself to collect all the trophies. I saw there was a new game+ in the achievement list and just decided I wouldn't bother. Since I already wrote it off as something I just wouldn't get, I started the game on Easy, played through doing whatever I liked and it unlocked NG+ at the end. I've done all the side missions except the final Riddler one for collecting all the trophies, and I did initiate the "incomplete" version of Knightfall.
  4. Hold up, I played through on Easy, with 96% complete, (did everything but the Riddler trophies) and it still unlocked New Game+. I'm actually playing through NG+ now. With respect to the completion time, I think you are closer to 40+ hours. I've been playing through pretty casually, doing everything I could and am sitting at 900:gsicon: within 28 hours. I still need to do a speed run of NG+ (which I guess will still take 10 hours), the AR challenges and all those Riddler trophies.
  5. There are 2 ways to do it: 1) Walk/run along the street and when you see a car coming at you, wait until it gets close. There will be a "counter" prompt that's pops up. Press it and Batman will jump on the hood at the last second and disable the vehicle. 2) From the air, glide above a moving car and there will be an prompt to perform a vehicle takedown. Both methods count toward the total.
  6. I can also confirm this worked for me too. I signed in, then signed in again with my wife's profile and left her as the "active" profile. I then went into her Uplay account and used some points to get the "3 diamonds" reward. After that, I started the game as her and skipped past the first cut scenes and then opened up the menu, selected oculi and gifted the 3 diamonds to myself. Achievement unlocked and 1000/1000. As LanceX stated though, the achiement only unlock on my profile and not hers. Thanks for finding this Maka!
  7. This exact thing just happened to me. It took a few attempts for me to beat the 4 ships and when I finally got it - no achievement. I got a message about unlocking the charged ram ability, got my 20000R but nothing else. The ships are all gone from the map and if I go into the progress tracker, under side activities, legendary ships, I have a check mark by all 4 of them denoting they are completed (each marked 1/1). Disappointed is an understatement because this wasn't easy... This is the second achievement in the Xbox One version of this game that glitched on me. Master of the Caribbean was the other and they did eventually patch it so I'm hoping this one will be fixed in a future update.
  8. I know you only need to do 5 levels but if you lost track of what level(s) you finished there is a way to track them in the game. If you are using level select from the Main menu you can tell which ones you didn't die in by the small medal in the upper right corner of the level screen shot. It is a medal of a crossed out skull and has a red ribbon attached. If you have the medal you already finished that level without dying. If there is nothing there at all you didn't.
  9. EDIT: I've got both photo achievements now. Thanks to everyone who helped out!!
  10. Try calling the first guy, drive over near him but don't actually pick him up. Then call the second guy. That is what I actually did. I was using Franklin and called Michael, drove over parked down the block and then called Trevor. There was even scripted dialog where Franklin said "I'm going to hang with Michael do you want to come too?" and Trevor is like "Sure sounds good" or something. Then the second stick figure popped up. I crossed the street to get Michael, drove over to pick up Trevor and then was off to the airport.
  11. I don't doubt that it worked for you but I tried for over 3 hours at different times of day (in game), with different characters initiating the phone call and after different missions and all I ever got was a busy signal. I then read on a different thread to call them both before picking either up and that worked the first time. It even has scripted dialog. It wouldn't hurt to add that to the guide as an alternate method.
  12. If anyone needs help getting these 2 achievements, send a message and we'll get it done. I'm online most days. If you see that we are online at the same time, plug in a second controller and sign in a "guest" account. Go into your toy box and send me an invite. While waiting for me to join (it could take a few minutes) pick up your main character with your "guest" using . When I get in the game the 4 player achievement will unlock and then I'll use my two guys to pick up your characters to unlock the acrobat achievement. It's easy and should only take a minute or 2. GT: Scrapdaddy EDIT: I got this (thanks UncleSugarBeard) but will still help other people get it for a few more days if needed.
  13. The achievement for completing this story level glitched on me the first time through and after checking the guide it mentioned that it randomly happens and other people just replayed the level in time challenges and were able to get it to pop. I replayed it 5 times and no luck. I was about to resort to clearing the cache and just starting over but gave it a final try. Every time I fought the brain I used the whip omega attack. This time I used the whip to get him down to only a third of his life and then I switched to the regular big fists to finish him off. On the last hit the brain died and the achievement popped immediately (BEFORE the cutscene starts). It may have been a coincidence but I thought I'd share anyway. Also note that if you kill the brain and the achievement doesn't unlock after the end of the fight, pause the game during the end of level cut-scene (where you are absorbing the brain's energy and talking to the underwater guy) and reload the checkpoint. You will start right at the boss fight and be able to try again for the glitchy achievement. That's how I got it. It's better than replaying the whole 8 minute level over and over again.
  14. Congratulations!

    Let's Cheer! [Guide & Roadmap] has been processed and published by Guide Team Staff member Yunder.

    Please post any updates within the Update: Guides & Roadmaps thread. We look forward to your future submissions! Thank you.

  15. Hey i cant find the Hot Rod Engine in Toy Story 3 Can you be any help ? Cheers

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