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  1. Yeah, saw a video of what to do now so we should be good next time. Or maybe not lol.
  2. You don't escape on Nightfall. And considering the track records of other games, I definitely doubt it regardless of wording. Can't be 100% sure but if I had to guess I'd say no with a 90% certainty.
  3. Yeah, I can confirm this. Just loaded up a solo match on Nightfall and got it as soon as it got past the loading screen.
  4. I haven't gotten that far solo so I can't help you sorry. But I have a question for you and anyone else who's done well on solo. How do you deal with the rhinos? I can do pretty well on the map until it spawns a rhino and a phantom at the same time, then I usually get downed after awhile.
  5. Send my gamertag, AmazingBowler30 for an invite. We're gonna get the all challenges done achievement for Extinction. We need a 4th guy and we'll be starting soon.
  6. Yo, we need 1 more guy for all Extinction achievements now. Message my GT: AmazingBowler30
  7. Exact same situation as you. When I go into Buried though, the box stills shows up as correct. Everything seems fine except the flashing lights on the map selection screen which are all gone.
  8. Amen. It's absolutely pathetic. We're all at fault here, let's move on. Also unrelated...Did you ever do the Maxis side for the Die Rise EE, Abstract? I'd like to help as that's the only EE that I've done Richtofen's side for.
  9. No shit, thanks for missing all my points. You've been acting like using the time bomb is some kind of terrible thing to do and one thing I can't stand is when someone acts like they're the moral superior so YOU shut up. You let people play their way (within the game's rules) and they'll let you play your way. And where did I say achievements didn't matter on here? I was talking about people in general anyways so try to understand my point before retorting. You say playing 1-20 is what the game allows and is normal...so using the time bomb to go back and get more kills ISN'T allowed? I must be missing something here. If you don't want to offend people, then stop acting so superior and cop the petty insults on an online video game forum. I don't have a problem with you having your own opinion, more or less the way you present it. So let's just agree to disagree and move on here.
  10. No he doesn't have a point and neither do you. Who are you to say achievements are more meaningful to an individual than a leaderboard ranking? It's subjective and everybody places more value on other things. And for God's sake this is not the same as using a glitched spot as you actually have to play the game as intended to kill zombies in this case. Using a time bomb to farm kills is literally no different than playing rounds 1-20 on easy in custom games over and over again. It's the same concept. Also, I couldn't care less about my leaderboard ranking but if someone else does than leave them alone. It affects you and me 0.00000%.
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