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  2. I really appreciate it, you truly put massive effort into this. I always hoped a page like this was available, but that dedication, just wow. This would actually pass as some graduation thesis for some video game related school or something. Also, I had completely forgotten I participated in that twist tournament. Even though it was just two years ago.
  3. Join us for GSL 2020 Duos! Link

  4. Yes, that is quite a mystery. If you want a lot more possible participation from us, you should reveal the start date of the GSL at least 2 months before it starts. This way we are able to find the substitutes to fill the missing teammates and prepare better.
  5. You gotta understand that having Corrupt in your team means automatic second place. He has placed second like ten times already. I know the mountain where the hex is that keeps him from winning, but I won't reveal its location.
  6. The points are not imaginary. The points exist. They are just digital in form.
  7. Well, they can count out the others too. I'm not in the mood for this right now. TriRock said he doesn't really care to compete, hardly plays anything else than Gems of War it seems.
  8. Going down! - Dead Cells (kill an enemy with an elevator.) Yes, it's pretty violent new year.
  9. The gamerscore games during the Xbox 360 times used to be much worse and much longer. Very shitty 5 hour long games used to be some of the shortest games to grind score with.
  10. I guess I could be available for a slower run, meaning I won't bust out any Neogeo's or stuff like that, and only focus on finishing stuff and playing more "normal" games. Expected scoring would be around between 8-15k. Hard to say. But not a "winner" this time for sure.
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