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  1. I really appreciate it, you truly put massive effort into this. I always hoped a page like this was available, but that dedication, just wow. This would actually pass as some graduation thesis for some video game related school or something. Also, I had completely forgotten I participated in that twist tournament. Even though it was just two years ago.
  2. Yes, that is quite a mystery. If you want a lot more possible participation from us, you should reveal the start date of the GSL at least 2 months before it starts. This way we are able to find the substitutes to fill the missing teammates and prepare better.
  3. You gotta understand that having Corrupt in your team means automatic second place. He has placed second like ten times already. I know the mountain where the hex is that keeps him from winning, but I won't reveal its location.
  4. The points are not imaginary. The points exist. They are just digital in form.
  5. Well, they can count out the others too. I'm not in the mood for this right now. TriRock said he doesn't really care to compete, hardly plays anything else than Gems of War it seems.
  6. Going down! - Dead Cells (kill an enemy with an elevator.) Yes, it's pretty violent new year.
  7. The gamerscore games during the Xbox 360 times used to be much worse and much longer. Very shitty 5 hour long games used to be some of the shortest games to grind score with.
  8. I guess I could be available for a slower run, meaning I won't bust out any Neogeo's or stuff like that, and only focus on finishing stuff and playing more "normal" games. Expected scoring would be around between 8-15k. Hard to say. But not a "winner" this time for sure.
  9. Jappe isn't a proper spokesperson for us. He's too much of a fool for that. I'll think about participating in a more casual manner.
  10. Again, more comments which are not about suggesting how to change the competition, only criticizing the way I express my comments here. If you do decide to make a change that pretty much removes the ability to create your own team and the power to decide on which people will compete in it, this will most likely result in me and many others not participating at all in a competition like that. So there's your "new breath of life for the site". But I'm not in the mood to discuss this right now, have a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it.
  11. Well, you didn't present any new ideas for GSL in this post. People just don't really think about my point. I'm trying to say, make a new contest. You don't have to use the words GSL for it. GSL is about scoring gamerscore points during a certain time frame. If you use the words GSL for a carrot eating contest (for example), then you set up the carrot eating contest and the winners are awarded with placing first in GSL (carrot eating) then the past winners will be remembered as carrot eaters, even if they never have eaten any carrots in their life. It's kinda like those movie series like Fast and Furious. If you're going to call the thing almost exactly the same as the last part, things will only get confusing. There's nothing good about that. I've watched maybe 70% of those movies, and I have no idea which ones I'm missing.
  12. I think there is nothing wrong with winning the contest with preloads. Our team would have been easily beatable every year with preparation and strategy. Except maybe 2013, when we all used japanese visual novels and the preload-scene was still dead. All you need is few semi-dedicated teammates, then you start saving points together from like July onwards. Everyone gets like 10-15k extra they can smash in 2 days, it's almost over after that already.
  13. Or I was simply talking about modern Christmas, the way people remember it. And yeah, I remember you. You signed up to a GSL and scored 0 gamerscore points during the whole contest. The first one ever to do it? Maybe if things are changed, you will have time to unlock that one achievement that will break the curse of not participating at all. It's kind of funny as hell that you actually comment in a thread which is to suggest changes to said contest.
  14. Thanks. My gamerscore was uneven until about 699,900, at first I thought I wasn't going to care, then my OCD for it kicked in. Thanks, guys.
  15. You're not much of a thinker, are you? Let's say Christmas has been around for a very long time. What if we change it completely, like we fire Santa Claus, remove all the music, burn the Christmas tree, let's replace all of that with flowers and bright lights, and oh yeah, let's remove all the food too and replace it with cabbage. On the other hand, the website of Santa Claus is designed with forum tech from 2010, and the little visitors are confused what to do with all of these forums within forums within sub-forums.
  16. You need to remember that GSL has a definition what it is and how it will play, it's been pretty much the same since 2006 or 2007, or when it was born. You shouldn't change something that has been around way before most of you even registered here. If you want other type of contest, you need to have it named differently. There won't be more people. People started to lose interest in this forum in the early 2010's and it won't stop regressing. Back in the day just the popular forums for a single game had hundreds of threads, like Halo 3, it doesn't take a genius to realize the ghost town around here. People are used to quick messaging and easy navigation. This type of forum structure is not that relevant in 2017/2018 any longer.
  17. Nice work Goat, for actually competing hard instead of lollygagging like me. True respect for the GSL spirit.
  18. So, I hit 700k on the dot today. I've still kept it clean, every milestone 100k onwards have been hit on the dot. I don't have anything special to say about this one. Probably the most noobish completions and easiest games ever overall were used between this 100k and the last one. The best completions were probably Aqua Kitty UDX and Ori and the Blind Forest. Ok, I have to say about that Ori-game, that it absolutely blew me away. About everything in it is just marvellous to me. It's by far my favourite platformer I've played since I was a little kid playing on Super Nintendo. It's also very entertaining speedrunning game. Achievements at 700k: 25,264 (+2521 achievements 600k -> 700k) Completed games: 545 (all DLC only!) Started games: 954 (57 % of started games are completed) 128th on TA to reach 700,000 GS.
  19. I don't know, Jappe is having a "fever" and he has "horses to feed" and I probably will beat his ass again, even though I only have like 3 decent days of scoring in this contest so far.
  20. Too bad it's impossible to get Jappe "served" or piss him off. I've tried for years with no luck. Jappe just doesn't give a rats ass.
  21. Congrats, but I noticed there must be something wrong with that statement. My personal best is 92 completions in a year and Jappe gets 100 in less than 10 months? Damn! Those 920/1000g games must count as well.
  22. Yeah, but you forgot Hasselhoff is a big idol for many Finns. Knight Rider is like the earliest TV series 'not for kids', that I remember watching. He even came to Finland and filmed a 10 episode TV series, where he interviewed local celebs and entertained the audience.
  23. Yeah, but you get like a legendary status if you manage to complete that piece of crap game, since so few have actually done it. I wasn't one of them, either. I would trophy case that shizzle, if I achieve the completion some day.
  24. The day when Redmption isn't being modest is like a day... that doesn't even exist. Come on. There's only like a couple gamers here who can say they have half of your current gamerscore achieved and most people here have like a tiny fragment of it. Take more pride for once! (Like lie that you'll destroy him in the end)
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