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  1. https://www.xboxachievements.com/game/battlefield-4/achievements/ The game only has a single secret achievement, Cold Blooded in the last Final Stand DLC, but for some reason that checklist/guide doesn't let me see and therefore check if off a completed. Oddly the Xbox One version checklist of the game, does has the option to toggle and find it. https://www.xboxachievements.com/game/battlefield-4-xbox-one/achievements/ I've already deleted the checklist twice, as outlined here. https://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=91779 But that has not fixed it, so maybe it's a problem with the page/checklist itself? It's not a huge deal of course, but could this be fixed? Thanks.
  2. Just finished it, took me about 20 hours since I really took my time and fully explored the map. Plus like always I massively over prepared, had enough mats for hundreds of healing items and such. Not a bad game, 7 out of 10 I'd say. It's not an RPG though, it's really a survival/crafting game, just without any food or thirst meters.
  3. Thanks for the guide Pants! Surprised to see one this quickly or at all to be honest. So used to this site just not having guides on more recent releases anymore. Usually have to open PStrophies or another site to find an achievement guide for newer games. I have to assume it's because the PS4 just has such a much bigger player base than the Xbox at this point.
  4. Guess the must have patched it since this thread, I had no framerate or others issues like that. I liked it well enough, not much to the gameplay but I liked the story.
  5. So has Hope Springs Eternal glitched for anyone else? I've completely freed Insula Fonte, but nothing has popped.
  6. Alright cool, thanks for the update, didn't realize we could get email updates about thread replies, but I now see that option under thread tools, wish I had noticed that before.
  7. "All of the game's achievements can be unlocked with a single playthrough on Survivor difficulty and nothing is missable." That confuses me, you say that, but then say the difficulty doesn't matter? Do we have to play on Survivor to unlock something in the game or something? Not sure why I'm expecting a reply 2 years later though, haha. Oh wait I see, you wrote the Xbox One version guide as well, and must have just copied and pasted that paragraph over here, and forgot to edit out that Survivor remark.
  8. And the Leviathan achievement didn't pop, I'm already so bored, I don't wanna have to do this again... Treant didn't pop either. Not doing this again, gonna wait and see if they patch this when they add in more boring garbage content no one will pay for. This is the most boring game I've played in recent memory, the whole time I was wondering is this was just an asset flip, the "devs" just bought models and slapped them down. That would actually be better to me then them actually made all this themselves. It's just super boring generic fantasy we've all seen millions of time by now. Still, thanks for the guide.
  9. Alright, that seems to have worked, the achievement for killing 10 just unlocked.
  10. Whole game seems glitchy, I've definitely killed 10 frozen monsters by now, but nothing has popped. Only been playing maybe 10-15 minutes so far, gonna delete my save and reinstall the game just to be safe.
  11. Yeah, seems to be some glitches when it comes to the boss kills, seems the only thing to do is completely delete your save and start over.
  12. OK, just got the Light Lense based on what Headless Snip3r said, hopefully I won't have any issues. Edit: It popped right when it should have. No idea if that Light Lens is required or not, but grabbing it just to be safe seems like a good idea.
  13. Just finished it, and yeah, it's not great. I quite enjoyed the story and humor, the rest of it....not so much. Gameplay was fine I guess, passable, but there's tons of technical issues too numerous to ignore. Best part was the humor that worked, my favorite joke that made me laugh the most was when one of the characters is trying interrupt a meeting, he kicks the door open, only for it to immediately slam closed back in his face. Plus that one song with whistling on the desert island level, I'd put that on my Ipod if I could find it. 4.5 out of 10 overall, it's not awful, but it's not good either. In the mediocre forgettable range. Definitely not worth it's 20 dollar normal price, but I don't regret buying it at 5 bucks.
  14. Gotta form my own opinion after all, haha. If I just went with the crowd, I'd have missed so many games like I love.
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