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  1. I didn't vote, as the only magazine that I have bought from the list is OXM and it truly is not worth it! In Australia, the magazine sets you back $16. You're lucky to get 100 pages. You get a disc that has old content. Very rarely do they offer free content such as Gamerpics or a Premium Theme. I use to LOVE buying video game magazines, as it offered something that a website couldn't - joy. Laying out the back, reading the latest issue of (insert magazine name here) was one of the best parts of my weekend, especially as a little kid. Nowadays, the magazine, IMO, is dead. Yes, people do still buy and appreciate what is there, but the internet gives me constant updates and it's for free.
  2. One game and one game only? That's not fair! I would have to choose Grand Theft Auto III. The first GTA to go next-gen. The first GTA to go 3D. The first GTA that I could play for more than 8 hours straight and not get bored. Everything about the game was just flawless, IMO.
  3. Buy Shadow Complex Trials HD This game is a must have for anyone and everyone. Truly an amazing game. With the announcement of more DLC on the way, it's more of a reason to pick this up ASAP. Avoid TMNT 1989 Marvel vs Capcom 2
  4. Weird. It just happened to me. I clicked around the website a little and it showed that I was logged in. Not sure what happened there. I stopped visiting because I actually didn't like the change. It did take a little getting use to, but now all is well. I bookmarked X360A again, for the second time. I think it will remain there.
  5. I can vouch for 'IT5 T0MMYY' not being a quitter. If anything, he and his team had to put up with my 2-3 random disconnections from LIVE. =( Sorry guys. My internet is fixed now, and I'm more than happy to boost with you guys, or anyone else who has a group going.
  6. I'm up for boosting - Need online achievements, aswell as help others get online achievements. Feel free to send a FR, but please send a message like 'K&L' or something, so I know whether to accept or not. Online majority of the time, sometimes I appear offline, and always signed into Xbox.com. So one way or another, I'll see any messages/FR's. Cheers
  7. Count me in for all online achievements. If sending a FR, just send a message with 'SR' or 'Saints Row' so I know where the message is coming from. Will happily sit through and help those who require less online achievements than I do. I'm on majority of the time. Even if not on LIVE, I'm signed into Xbox.com, so I check my messages often. I believe there's about 16-19 hour difference between Australia (Sydney to be precise) and the US, so adjust time accordingly.
  8. bambamfn

    Is it true?

    This is what started it..... That's taken from HERE. I do hope that it's true. Bully: Scholarship Edition is still one of my favourite Xbox 360 games.
  9. Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff Nate Dogg - Ring The Alarm Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight Snoop Dogg - Gin & Juice Disturbed - Down With The Sickness
  10. Fight Night Round 3 for me. Amazing game, easy achievements.
  11. See the achievement guide for information.
  12. For the 'Story Designer' achievement, you don't have to do anything. Just select' Finish Story' and the achievement will unlock.
  13. Online 10+ hours of the day.. in Australia, so adjust time difference accordingly. =p Please send something like "DOA4 boosting" with the FR. =) EDIT The only online achievements I require is 100 wins (need 30 more), Grade A, S and SS ranks (14,423 points at the moment). I am more than happy to return the favour, more importantly, I want to get closer to the SS rank. I know it'll take a long time, but if any high ranked people are willing, I can help boost achievements for other games aswell. Much appreciated. =)
  14. Looking for anyone that wants to boost/needs to boost achievements. I'm online at the moment, and am usually online during the day. Send a message with a FR so I know where you found me from. =) If anyone has a little group of people, I am more than interested in joining the lot of you. EDIT At time of posting, it's 1:42pm (Sydney, Australia). Just so no one is confused about the time difference.
  15. Edit. Just realised that the 'Ashes Destroyer' can't be done online. =(
  16. +1 Another year, another dodgy move by EA!
  17. I just got hold of the game, and I strongly agree. The monkey is a huge distraction, especially when you see him in the back at every event. Doesn't help when you're trying to mash the analog sticks, and you have to laugh at the retarded monkey!
  18. Looking for boosting buddies for most, if not all online achievements. I'm in Australia, my timezone GMT thing is +10, and I am on quite alot. Send me a FR by clicking my GT to the left of this post, and just send a message saying SR boost or something so I know.
  19. If I play offline, my save files are corrupted. But, when I'm connected to LIVE, they work fine. Also, with the corrupted file, they still load, but my character is missing an arm, a leg, or some part of his body.
  20. I just rated for your video JumpStarr (found your post on the Xbox forums) =) Edit. Che$$ter, I voted for your video also.
  21. More content I rated..... Mlodyske - awesome vid (also rated your friends vid) Oh Shiz Its Ant ----------------------------------- Maurice, I can't get your vid to open. Your link is broken. And when I edit it, it takes me to a complete different page. Also, if anyone can confirm. Do you actually have to view the video for the vote to count? Or, can you just rate and close the window.
  22. Mauricedeltaco JumpStarr Falco211 R1ZE Viewed and rated =)
  23. Finally found the video... http://skate.share.ea.com/profiles/79707/posts/1612332.aspx Would be glad to return the favour to anyone that needs a vote. =) Appreciate it.
  24. Thanks for that guys (Seddo & Deathblow). =)
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