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  1. Have Fallout 4 for sale. $54.99, free shipping.
  2. I've won 10 super bowls and 11 championships, yet only a legacy score of 3,400.....
  3. Xbox 360 Slim 250GB Hard Drive Console Power Brick+cord 6 foot hdmi cord 1 Controller(custom, clear buttons + original buttons in a bag) Halo 3 Official Guide Left 4 Dead GOTY Microsoft Play n Charge Kit Sandisk 8GB memory stick for Xbox 360 Wireless battery charger 3 extra rechargeable battery packs 1 Extra battery pack(non-rechargeable) 21 days worth of xbox live gold membership trials in code Halo Reach Recon Helmet Code Call of Duty Ghosts Free Fall Multiplayer Map Code 58 games installed on the hard drive, look below for list The installed games are mainly GFG but also many from marketplace: A World of Keflings Aegis Wing Ascend: Hand of Kul Assassin's Creed II Avatar Drop Battleblock Theatre Borderlands 2 + DLC Brain Challenge Bully: Scholarship Edition Charlie Murder Clash of Heros Crackdown Crimson Alliance Crysis Dark Souls Dead Island Dead Rising 2 Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Deadlight Defense Grid Doritos Crash Course Dungeon Defenders Dust: An Elysian Trail Fable 3 Family Game Night Game Room Gears of War + Map packs Gotham City Impostors Halo 3 + map packs Halo Waypoint Happy Wars Harm's Way Hexic HD Hitman Absolution Intel Discovered Iron Brigade Kinect Party Lara Croft: GOL Magic 2013 Mass Effect + DLC Max Payne 3 + Map Packs NBA 2K10 Draft Combine Pinball FX2 Portal Still Alive Rainbow Six Vegas Risk Factions Saint's Row the Third Shoot Many Robots Sleeping Dogs Spartacus Legends Super Street Fighter IV The Walking Dead Tour De France 2009 Toy Soldiers Toy Soldiers: Cold War Warface Beta World of Tanks WSOP: Full House Pro Because of the numerous games installed the xbox currently is around 58 GB free on the hard drive, but you can easily get more by deleting any of the unwanted games that are coming already on the hard drive Package will be sent Priority Mail with Added Insurance for 11.40 in Shipping Costs, and the contents will be wrapped securely in bubble wrap and then placed in the box with newspaper in insure nothing is moved or damaged during transportation to you!
  4. Anyone down to boost the plasma railgun kills? It's dooming 50 titans with the shittiest titan gun... if so add me the only IS
  5. Okay So I've gone through every fast travel location and I have each map full. I've got the achievement done it all(so all quests) Is there some places that are usually where people haven't been? Thanks
  6. I also heard that since the original surface uses RT you can't downloaded apps like itunes?
  7. So my dad and I are getting my sister a new laptop and we were thinking of the surfaces. Just asking the main differences as we were going to get the original surface rt instead of the new ones. Is there any big difference, I know the 2 has a usb 3.0 a kickstand that varies more, a updated processor and better resolution but they arent really a big deal to my sister. I guess I'm just wondering is there any main hardware differences, like can she still use word and powerpoint on the original surface? Thanks
  8. Still looking for a co-op partner either normal or hardcore. As I cannot get Hardcore done myself as I am quite bad.
  9. level 37 axton Need help doing: -Round 5 slaughterhouse in Eridium Blight -Finishing up Campaign of Carnage and Scarlet Booty DLC(Both main missions done) -You will die seriously Bonus: Helping me level up non axton characters so I can get their respective achievements one the rest is done.
  10. 5) Fable 2 4) Borderlands 3) Mass Effect 2 2) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 1) Halo 3
  11. Does it work as a regular tv remote as well? (Ability to change channels, volume, and inputs?) If not anyone know of a good low cost universal remote that as a bonus works as a 360 media remote?
  12. I am very disappointed, picked it up today for Black Friday, graphics I believe look worse than BF3...... I've never been amazing at BF and always have been pretty good at CoD, guess I never adjusted even though I've played BC2 and BF3.... Selling it on eBay, hopefully I can make some money off it... probably getting MW3 since I haven't played it yet...
  13. Looking to boost the multiplayer achievements not that good with the controller for the game though haha the only IS
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