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  1. I was way excited for this game, then I got it, and well, I kinda am not into it. I loved the other one to death and played it so much. But oddly, I cannot for the life of me excited about this one ever since I played it for an hour. Maybe it's just me, but I just find it too much like the other one. eh.
  2. Sorry should of said I am in Japan, so I cannot tell if it works anywhere else in the world. It comes with about a weeks worth of open beta, but I'm also getting achievements for it. Pay doesn't start until next week sometime. But there is a code for 30 days of Hunters Life, which I assume is the full on game. Other than that ya can check out the page http://xbox360-members.mh-frontier.jp/sp/payment/ it has info on how to pay.
  3. I think it's possible, but I believe that it is not going to happen. Just picked up the game today and is my second Monster Hunter game I have played, the first was on the phone. It's not bad. I figure if Capcom sold enough in Japan on the Xbox then they might release it outside the country. Cross your fingers, but don't hold your breath.
  4. hey need to grab all online ones. If anyone wants to boost send a message.
  5. I'll be on if anyone wants to boost with me...thanks.
  6. Damn, 3AM here in Japan....But I will be there! Good Luck!
  7. Here is a walkthrough for the game... http://g-seeker.net/game/t/tayutama.html It should net you most of the achievements.
  8. http://game9.gaym.jp/timeleap/index.html On this page you can do the walk through for each of the characters routes. Under the heading -- タイムリープ 攻略データ 攻略チャート
  9. Anyone wanna help me out? GT: elzombino
  10. I need to get both, anyone willing to help send me a message. GT: elzombino
  11. I need to get all online ones. Thanks GT:elzombino
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