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  1. The old nav card works on the new table, but nothing seems to change, at least for now.
  2. It's fake. The guy who said Die Rise was going to be in Breslau made them up.
  3. After you complete Richtofen's side he will stop talking to you, but you will lose your Maxis progress and he will start talking to you again and vice versa. There are some lighting beams in town and in the box after you open it, but that's it.
  4. He can help you as long as he joins the session after it starts. If you complete Richtofen's path, your pylon will shine blue and you will not be able to hear him anymore. However, all your Maxis progress will be lost and you will be able to hear him again like you used to before doing the easter egg.
  5. Well, you can get the quick revive permaperk or the monkey bomb to make it easier. Try to avoid the avogadro's lightning bolt jumping and running in circles and get out of the pylon when the avogadro is near in order to make him enter it faster. If none of this work, get a new player to help you.
  6. Breslau, Germany? I really think we are going to see a Der Riese easter egg in this map.
  7. I really hope that gun is not for Zombies. I don't want a shitty smg, I want a new Wonder Weapon!
  8. Everybody hears Maxis, but only Samuel hears Richtofen. DO NOT wait for Maxis to say that. He takes ages and you can kill the avogadro anytime after Maxis says he needs an energy source, even if it's a living one. DO NOT kill the Avogadro with the knife/galvaknuckles, it doesn't work, if you knife him, Maxis will tell you to stop, you need to kill him with an EMP grenade.
  9. Time ago I did the Maxis' side of tower of babble with a friend, then we died to end the game and we both went to play solo. While I was playing I noticed that only two lamps of the pylon shone and it only happened when I turned on the power. My friend's pylon lit up before turning on the power and it shone as hell. I also noticed that Maxis spoke to me again (he still does) and not to him. What happened? Didn't I do it properly?. PS: We got the cheevo at the same time too.
  10. It is in portuguese. A friend of mine has the same version as I and heard Marlton. I tried to turn off the music, turn up the volume, but nothing seems to work.
  11. Is it just me that can't hear any sound coming from the shelter after I knife it? My game is dubbed in my main language (unfortunately, the original voices are much better) so maybe they cut Marlton's speech out from the map?
  12. You lose rank if you stop playing Zombies. I think you lose a slash a day without playing and after all slashes are gone you get back to the previous rank.
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