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  1. is it me or is this map just terrible, every game type i've experienced the enemy always seems to spawn behind me or right next to me. Every game type, it seems one sided to the reds..
  2. Looking to buy werewolf bite for 8k pm my gamertag and we will sort things out Europe Aldimiri dominion
  3. when is this coming to xbox one does anybody know because i havent seen info on it anywhere!
  4. Me and a friend are looking for a great healer a tank and another DPS to run some epic dungeons right now, Gray wolf dungeon ETC. also if anyone else is looking for groups for epic dungeons post on here. With your IGN or Gamertag. My IGN : Slash Gamertag : TuM Predator
  5. Bleh, i really hope they bring it back would love to bring pc to xb1 and help my friends
  6. i heard that you can transfer your PC account to xb1 but cant find out how on website anywhere is this still available?
  7. Looking for 5 level 30's with lots of experience to do flawless victory achievement, Gajallahorn and other raid weapons will help and make it a lot easier, and please be able to do the jumping puzzle without death ! message me on xb1
  8. TuM Predator


    indeed it is, im watching all 3 in the same day cant wait.
  9. an easier way to get a group is to go on destinylfg.net, really easy to get nice skillful group on there
  10. there are some stuff that you will have missed because you wasnt signed up and i think its the achievements and stuff you earn from When you signed up that counts, not all currently earned.
  11. i live in a shitty area and struggle to get 5mb, but its highest i can get here so i see where you coming from. and because of this game and battlefield 4 i now have 5gb space on my hard drive, time for an external :/
  12. there trying to make people work for stuff again i think its kinda good, because lvl 30's on a 28 normal raid would have just destroyed it, thus no fun. and i wouldn't say that doing VOG is a waste of time at the minute, since there trying to make mythoclast a useful item in crota raid.
  13. They screw up some updates here and there but nothing major, its running a lot better than when it 1st came out, the only problems it really has now and it seems to be more than just xbox one is the gay LIZARD SQUAD, the low life bitches who seem to ddos everything.
  14. with the way there changing exoctics now and in the future i dont they ever will, you would be too overpowered especially with some of the bonuses on weapons
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