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  1. this and this [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jUkkhs3NCE]YouTube - Killswitch Engage-Holy Diver Music Video[/ame]
  2. He's worked there 2 years and that's the sort of respect the management shows?? I would've gone off on the skank personally. Get her to fire you, then go on unemployment and file a complaint with the Dept. of Labor for breaking the law by doing things like messing with overtime. Also report her to corporate so she loses her job. That sort of behavior is intolerable. What bank did you work for btw? Not sure if you want to disclose, but I'm fairly interested in finding out which one.
  3. I'm a firm believer in the right to bear arms, but flaunting them, particularly in a church, is a whole different story.
  4. Punisher. Because he has a much bigger arsenal, and frankly is a cooler character overall.
  5. I think it's because I tend to develop my opinions based on facts, research, and common sense. Close-minded fools who can't tolerate dissenting opinions don't like it when people use things like logic.


    Case in point: in that thread, I had a rather civil debate with Captain Fantasm over suicide and depression. Then Pants comes out of nowhere trying to take a personal shot at me. I don't actively seek fights, but fuck me sideways if I'll just sit there and take someone insulting me with no provocation.


    I won't go into why me and Pants don't get along here, because I don't want it cluttering up my visitor page. I just think that if he wants to be staff, he needs to learn how to treat the community with respect. Everyone who's been on this site has seen him belittle individuals for no reason when closing threads, and if you consider yourself a real member of this community, you should not tolerate that kind of abuse from the people who are supposed to preserve order on the forums here.

  6. I don't see why some people just wont let you have your own opinion.

  7. What's up with you and Pants Party? What are these occurrences in the past that you're threatening to reveal?


    Not trying to poke my nose in but curiosity has gotten the better of me. :)

  8. I don't rush. I simply cripple the enemy's army and tech so as to make sure they're never able to surpass me, thereby ensuring victory. Once I've crippled them to a satisfactory point, I retreat and allow them to rebuild, and then I do it all over again. Oh and I assure you, intelligence is one thing I don't lack. And if you are going to take cracks at someone's intelligence, it's wise to spell the english language correctly while you're at it. You forgot the apostrophe in "that's". Also, are Warthogs still good against Hunters?
  9. LOL, you called me a pube.


    Cute. :)

  10. Then you're not playing the Arbiter right. Also, only lameasses care about that much about points. Winning is all that matters.
  11. Wow, that truly is epic. Just out of curiosity, any chance they're putting trophies or whatever into these games? Platinum Trophy for beating Emerald/Ruby Weapon = ultimate badge of honor.
  12. I will probably be a writer. Either a novelist or a journalist. Also working on a screenplay, but put it on hold until I can take some classes and learn how to properly format one.
  13. I see your point, but like I said before, many books have the same basic outline as ones before them. Every fantasy book pretty much ever made was done before by Tolkien. Every romance book in general is the same damn thing as the last. Every crime drama on TV is almost exactly like one that ran an hour before it. Like South Park so eloquently put it with 3 words: Simpsons did it. What Dreams May Come could be said to be a ripoff of the Divine Comedy. And the theme of my book will have a much darker vibe than either of those stories. I have my own very unique vision of heaven and hell, and I think it will be interesting to a wide audience. Also, I'm honestly not that concerned with finding a publisher. I've written several things before without ever seeking out a publisher. I write because I enjoy it, I'm fairly good at it, and it's a productive way to spend my time. If I can make a career of it some day, that'd be awesome, but I'm really more concerned with pursuing it as an art. The boy who goes to heaven spent his life helping others, doing well in school, avoiding bad elements, etc. The boy who goes to hell spent his life getting into trouble, partying in high school, selling drugs, random sex, etc. Sort of an opposites attract sort of thing. The characters are based almost entirely off myself and my best friend, as the dream that sparked my idea for the book was.
  14. Oi, so, here's the thing. Nearly every basic premise for everything has been done before. Ever read a fantasy book? Then read another one and it also has orcs, elves, fairies and dragons? Does that make a novel less appealing because it uses those same basic ideas? If the story is good, and original to some degree, it doesn't matter if something's been done similarly before. Fact of the matter is, until this thread, I was totally unaware that What Dreams May Come has a similar plotline. I was inspired to start writing this more by the Divine Comedy than anything else, truthfully. I'm also completely unphased by the fact that What Dreams May Come, a novel written over 35 years ago, shares a slightly similar plot. Since I've never read the bloody thing, I strongly doubt the stories would be in the least bit similar to one another other than their setting. Also my vision of Heaven and Hell will be much closer to the traditional Christian views. That's actually an amazing idea bro. I may use that as a matter of fact.
  15. This is because most developers who create cross-platform games use the same engines on both systems, and they see no reason to fully harness the PS3's processing power. Also, most of the time the PS3 version looks better than the 360 version. I don't even own a PS3 and I fully recognize that it is the superior platform when it comes to processing, power and disk capacity. It also doesn't break every 3 months.
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