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  1. Old post but I had trouble with final bosses second form, to help others - aim cannon straight up and just keep tapping on boss. It doesn't matter that you're just randomly tossing orbs. At some point she will charge, since you are already tapping her, she will stop, since you're aiming at mouth already (if you're straight up) you will hit her, she will go back to surrounded by orbs mode. Keep tapping, and repeat x4-5ish (I think it was 5 total)
  2. Co-op is the only thing of value in this game, some of the more ruthless AI I've ever seen in a game. Where this game would shine (I assume) is playing with close friends and having teamwork utilizing the classes. I've only been playing with randoms which means usually we can only do first and second co-op mission of the day. Hardcore is usually a slaughter fest as people are morons.
  3. Dunno just started it the other day, I'm up to 17/20, not sure if I'll be able to get Rival game though, also just noticed 3 of them popped in game but don't seem to have transferred to Live, and others say only a re-install fixes that bug, and unfortunately can't do that with de-listed phone games. So might be best to stay away. Edit: Seems Xbox updated I am officially 17/20, missing the 100 matches, scoring off the penalty and the rival games one. And BTW even though it's de-listed it did let me download the Sept Games of the Week (although like I said don't think any are rivalries. Second Edit: Seems FC Koln and M'gladbach are rivals, so I'm 18/20 with the other 2 being obtainable, just gonna take me some time, so I believe yes even as of today's date all achievable.
  4. I've had it crash when opening the map, although I never looked at the minutes played (>5) as the issue. Although that would make sense as I had some of the mini quests done and they would have taken some time. To fix this issue I'd shut the phone off and turn back on. Worse issue I've experienced so far, was playing as a maxed out Hammerhead, just finished last mission to unlock super mission, was already >100k and super mission didn't unlock. I think it told me I needed 1 million (and that would make sense as I was about 130k and it told me 13%), Then I died and when I tried to play again I played as a mako shark and everything in the game was program variables. I forget names but for example I was PLAYER1_SHARK. Turning off and on did not fix this, and I could not exit games or go to menu. After about 5 reloads of turning phone off and on, corrected itself but I lost all mission progress from shark I was working on and the previous 2. (yet my stats were the same)
  5. And maybe it's me, but the little shit achievements, such as "check timidly twice in a round" and some of the other ones, I unlocked on Win 8, and now don't seem to unlock on Xbox 360. I've looked around and don't see anyone else talking about this. Is this just me? Anyone know of a solution or anything I can do? I'm 80% sure I'm doing everything right (as I have done some of them already like I said on Win 8).
  6. The 50k cash might have been from you knocking out an achievement, achievements also give cash and diamonds.
  7. You can only help a friend defend from someone else you both share as friends. If one of his friends happens to be a non-friend of yours, then you won't see it in his kingdom.
  8. other than breaking the game, anyone know what this update was supposed to do? One of you was saying it made your preteen advance quicker towards A+++? I'm curious as I've only played this post update and I'm having a hell of a time building LP. In fact I don't even have enough to finish getting married/making 3rd baby. I'm thinking of starting over and not using LP on anything other than the stuff you have to. Which is frustrating as I have already put a decent amount of time into this game.
  9. No Barad, the games still work. I have not noticed any changes myself (I of course got the client patch as well)
  10. This happens in all GFWL, all the time. Best advice, if game allows saving, attempt to save it before you pop an achievement, whether story or counter based. As someone else mentioned, after it pops, check xbox.com, if it's on there, you got it. If not reload, exit out of game, possibly restart PC load up game and save and try again. Ultimately, if this doesn't work and or was something you couldn't save before hand, I continue on then when finish game, uninstall, reinstall and play through to that part again. Very frustrating, but usually they will eventually stick. ITSP is a bad one for this, Waldo has one that is hell getting to stick, etc
  11. As people have mentioned, blocking updates will not work. You need to either keep Steam in offline mode, or kill it with firewall.
  12. Skelix

    Fallout 3:PC

    Well some games are being patched to remove the GFWL now (Batmans and Bioshock 2 I believe). These have been the steam versions and users have had no choice. When July comes around, it's not so much the GFWL will be dropped, the entire service shuts down and the games are no longer playable. The games that are patched will run without GFWL but of course achievements will be gone (I believe replaced with Steam achievements). If you're worried about losing GFWL on games you have digitally (Steam), before July, make sure you have everything you want downloaded now, and then go to offline mode. My understanding ISTP and Iron Brigade will be patched for sure (Steam versions only), and my gut feeling Dark Souls, GTA IV, Fallout 3 and that Warhammer one (Dawn of War I believe?)
  13. For the secret, looking at this article: http://www.winbeta.org/news/microsoft-reveals-details-machinima-titles-and-achievements-xbox-one There is also one secret achievement to look out for. Major Nelson's post suggest that you should "look back through the history of Machinima to find this hidden gem." Just don't forget to download the app on launch day! Well I didn't download it on launch day, only thing I can think of. The "history" maybe something to do with Red vs Blue and the whole Halo thing?
  14. My understanding, games that are on Steam if popular enough (like already Bioshock 2), will be patched and the GFWL client will be removed from it. If the GFWL is gone, so will be the achievements. I expect this to happen to both Arkham games, GTA IV, Dawn of War II and ITSP. If you have the retail (disc) Arkhams, GTA you will be ok. Also if you have the GFWL marketplace ITSP you should be fine. But as far as I know Dawn of War II's DRM is being installed on Steam even with using disc, anyone else know of any disc games (GFWL) that use the Steam service?
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