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  1. I know I'm late, but I am floored by the responses here. "Swing Swing" is one of the most garbage songs I have ever heard in my life. Bands like Blink 182 and Sum 41 make obnoxious crap too, but at least they have energy. As soon as AAR's singer kicks in, the blood pours out of my ears. I get the feeling that most of you don't realize that Spinal Tap is a joke band made up of people like Harry Shearer (voice of Mr. Burns and Principal Skinner). "Short and Sweet" is in there for the same reason any Spinal Tap song is in any game - as a tribute. I don't want to be the douchebag that chastises others' opinions, but goddamn. Some of these answers feel like they're written backwards on purpose. The Ghostbusters theme and "Kung Fu Fighting" as the worst? Come on! I hope that you're either young and inexperienced or just haven't exposed yourself to more genres. Otherwise, I weep for you.
  2. Enjoying Borderlands 2 so far, but I have some questions. 1) Does the first playthrough end after you beat the final boss? If not, are you able to return to it once you start the next playthrough? 2) Do the Creature Slaughter round quests count towards the Did It All achievement? 3) What's the best skill tree to focus on when soloing as a Siren? Thanks to anyone who can help!
  3. I'm around there, yes. I'm guessing this is a known issue?
  4. Has anyone else had the problem of just walking by a group of guards and suddenly pissing them off for no reason? I'll be incognito, no arrows indicating I'm pissing anyone off, and suddenly I'll be in open combat. What gives?
  5. Make sure you HOLD B, don't just press it. The game will slow down, giving you more time to react. The same is the case when wild animals like bears and bobcats attack.
  6. 1) Are there any missable achievements in this game that I should be aware of? 2) Is there a way to uncover the map in chunks (like in previous games), or do I literally have to cross every part of the map on foot to fully uncover it? 3) Is there anything in this game similar to the glyph puzzles in AC2 and Brotherhood? The glyph puzzle minigames were one of the most fun parts of those games, so I hope there's at least something of an equivalent to them. Thank you in advance to anyone who can clear these things up for me.
  7. SH2 and SH3 were scary the first time, but nowhere near as scary as SH4 imo.
  8. It won't work if you craft bombs from the crafting table. Go into your inventory (RB) and highlight one of your bomb types. Press A for "Add Bomb". Do it from here 30 times and it will unlock.
  9. Last night I played a few games of Manhunt and ended up getting like 7 accolades. When I logged in today I only had 5. Do these expire or am I victim of a bug?
  10. Extra riddle difficulty doesn't show up when you go to start a new game. You must select Hard riddle difficulty and it will be selected automatically. You can see if you're playing on Extra when you view your save from the menu.
  11. I beat Downpour in a couple of days and had no real desire to pick it back up afterwards. I've been playing this since the day it came out. This.
  12. He's saying that he'd like for Silent Hill to become a Japanese franchise again, but since Team Silent has disbanded it's very unlikely that it will go overseas again. Even if it did, there's no guarantee that the Japanese developer that picked it up would make good games either. It would be great to have Akira working on the project again, but I doubt his music alone would be enough to bring us back to the glory days.
  13. If you're playing the game for the first time, how will you know the difference? The fog isn't so reduced that it could kill the experience. Look at SH1, it had just a wall of fog, and did anyone hate it for that? You only have to walk through fog world for about 10-20% of the game. The rest you're in pitch black buildings and the Otherworld Silent Hill. Plenty of claustrophobia there, wouldn't you say? First-timers might notice this one, but I doubt it will kill the experience for them either. I was so invested in the actual gameplay that I didn't notice myself until someone mentioned it. At Gamestop? Good luck.
  14. The new voices are great. It actually sounds like the characters are having conversations, as opposed to a bunch of individual voice clips being mashed together in editing. The only parts I like better in the original voices are the hallway conversation, and the way Eddie says "POW".
  15. Get the 360 version of HD Collection. If you try to find the original PS2 versions, you're going to either going to have to look online, or sift through every used game store in your area hoping it's there. Trust me, the former is much, much easier.
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